12 years with M7

Exactly 12 years today since I met the President of the most powerful nation H.E Yoweri KagutaMuseveni at State House Entebbe . His 4 hour private meeting with me opened up numerous things I never knew about him at the time I was in opposition.

For those of you who have had chance to meet him privately, you will agree there’s this inexplainable spiritual presence  around him that engulfs and even when you planned to speak something, due to this hovering your tongue might not speak all you desire! TRUTH

For the first time Let me disclose a few things we shared together, may be another time in a Book I could write .It’s true  @KagutaMuseveni has a special CALL, one can call it an ANOINTING but this is for Africa.All you could hear from deep his heart is Africa, SEVO loves Africa!

We departed in the morning at 3:00am and all you could hear is his vision and love for Africa.

BENEFITS FROM 12 JAN 2011 Meeting with. @KagutaMuseveni  . Sevo extended to me financial support the following day though It never reached me #TRUTH But in 2014 I received money from him and it funded two private ceremonies of mine.

In 2015 one evening I received a call from @StateHouseUg  telling me that President @KagutaMuseveni was telling me to go for further studies. So SH funded my university education and in 2018 I graduated as a Journalist from @NdejjeUniversity

In 2016 President @KagutaMuseveni partially funded our organisation @healdeplanet 1st 100 UG Top Pastors Retreat at J& M Hotel Bwebajja, he delegated his Cabinet Minister Hon Ephraim Kamuntu who came and delivered his speech and money.

On 29th Oct 2018 , @StateHouseUg  granted our Organisation @healdeplanet Twin Towers , Office of the President Hall to conduct the @SeniorCitzens 1st Convention .

During this convention, I commended President @KagutaMuseveni for allowing political dialogues aimed at steering peace in the region.

As I end this thread #12yearswithSevo , I am appealing to @KagutaMuseveni to give me opportunity to serve my country and continent. Am thinking Ministerial Post for me at 33 yrs is not bad after all we have had young ministers before like @HonAniteEvelyn @FrankTumwebazek #Kibule

Yet with my Eyes I will see the Lord – RIP Lucky Lule

9 years ago Remie Nakintu Wamala Kitandwe passed on while giving birth to Lucky Lule at International Hospital Kampala-IHK. REMIE besides having been  a wife to my paternal uncle was a great friend of mine. She was a darling at Uganda Parliament where she worked and her demise made headlines in the country.

Today the juvenile she died giving birth to has been buried in Busega in Kampala. Lucky passed on yesterday as a result of permanent health complications he acquired during and after birth.

As a journalist I decided to profile this low moment with 50 images. RIP Lucky Lule.

PS- Job 19:26 Even after my skin is destroyed, yet with my eyes I will see the Lord.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin View 50 images here 

Taata Dr Kimbowa Simon addresses mourners
Taata Wamala Kitandwe and clergies

Congs Lydia & Robert

Lydia Kayongo is a daughter of City trader Godfrey Kayongo Nkajja of Makindye Kizungu Zone and Robert comes from Western Uganda. The couple reside in United States of America and yesterday I was invited at their introduction ceremony in Kiggo Hill Lake view. I join Presiding Apostle His Emminence Dr Joseph Sserwadda who blessed this young family.

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The Custom of celebrating my Birth Day Also Special Publication on why Uganda President Sponsored my University Education- It started with a Dream 11 years earlier!

Daily Monitor Publication of my Birth Day 18 years ago

I was 15 years when @dailymonitorug 18 years ago published about my Birthday. Princess Scovia and I celebrated our Birthday yesterday 14th May 2022. I crossed into 33 years on Friday night while I was praying at the Mountain, asking God what Jesus age of His ministry I have turned will impact the world. The reason am sharing this DM publication is a story I shared with Guests on my graduation in 2020

I got a dream around the time of this photo publication when the Head of State sponsored my university education. I shared the dream with my OB Faizal Jumba and we left it at that for I never knew how and when this could happen.

On 11 Jan 2011 I had a State visit at State House Entebbe at that time I was running for Member of Parliament for Kampala Central on People’s Development Party – PDP which party I was serving as Deputy Spokesperson and EX National Coordinator. That night at State House, I and the President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had a one-on-one engagement for several hours, we departed at 3:00 am, the fountain of honor loved me. He asked me “But how old are you?” I told him I was 21 years, and he was moved but what he believed was an intellect

Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gave me a State welcome at State House Entebbe on 11th Jan 2011 Photo by PPU

The Fulfillment of the Dream

Years passed but for God’s promise in a dream of State Education Funding to be fulfilled, towards the end of the year in 2015 I received a call and the President was saying I go for further studies. I never asked anything like this ever and immediately the Holy Spirit whispered to me “This is the time of the dream fulfillment.” Indeed 11 years later I was seeing something I knew it was impossible!

So that’s the story to those who didn’t attend my graduation. The reason I am sharing it now is because of the daily monitor photo related to my birthday.

Every year it’s a custom that I cut a cake and celebrate my birthday. Previously we cut a cake with diplomats in Munyonyo Speke Resort at the gathering of the UN ICAO summit we were attending for one week.

So yesterday with a few friends and family members had fish in Munyonyo and later cut the cake at Kazi Beach in Busabara. It was fan, follow me on www.twitter.com/kivumbi and www.youtube.com/kivumbi256 I will be sharing some photos and videos of my birthday.

Have a blessed week.

https://twitter.com/kivumbi/status/1525845768820563969?s=21&t=DxZDbmSxyrimWgAvVm5xiA https://twitter.com/kivumbi/status/1525845768820563969?s=21&t=DxZDbmSxyrimWgAvVm5xiAWatch shortly video here

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

God is Revisiting America using The Supreme Court; Are Believers Praying?

POTUS Joe Joe Biden is expressing fear that US Supreme Court if officially overturns Roe v. Wade’s holding of a federal right to abortion, the court will next look to strike down other landmark cases guaranteeing Americans’ rights, from same-sex marriage to contraception access.

The Truth is the US Foreign Policy affecting other developing countries surviving on donor funding from US and her allies will change just like the old saying “When France sneezes the rest of world coughs.”

For so long Televangelist John Hague has been preaching “Can America Survive?”

New material was added regarding the death of the dollar, a nuclear Iran, and the rejection of Israel. Further, this New York Times best-selling author says the United States is heading into a “Perfect Storm.” Titanic, John F. Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11. John Hagee maintains that these American tragedies all have one element in common: they were unthinkable. And in the opening pages of his newest book, Can America Survive? Hagee uses these tragedies to prove two points: that the unthinkable can happen and, given the right conditions, the unthinkable can quickly become the inevitable

Can America Survive? is not just a warning. It is a wake-up call and a rallying cry to Christian citizens everywhere to prevent the next unthinkable American disaster. After all, as Hagee points out, “those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future.” Think it can’t happen? Think again.

What is happening in America is God is bringing back to Himself America. A nation that once criminalised Abortion, LGBT and stood on the values of Christianity. Many LGBT rights in the United States have been established by the United States Supreme Court. In five landmark rulings between the years 1996 and 2020, the Supreme Court invalidated a state law banning protected class recognition based upon homosexuality, struck down sodomy laws nationwide, struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, made same-sex marriage legal nationwide, and prohibited employment discrimination against gay and transgender employees.

I am not condemning sinners but the sin BUT I must say that God’s judgment was going to happen to America. The events happening in Ukraine triggered by Russia’s invasion over what President Vladmir Putin calls provocation by now yet Finland, triggers the world to a Nuclear War.

In Biblical times, God used nations to punish rebellious nations “And at the beginning of their dwelling there, they did not fear the LORD. Therefore the LORD sent lions among them, which killed some of them. 2 Kings 17:25

Who knows if God chose Donald J Trump, just to do this one act, “APPOINT JUDGES IN THE SUPREME COURT WHO FEAR GOD” and Go, Mission Accomplished!

As I celebrate my 33rd Birth day this 14th May 2022, the gift I can give to the world is a call for repentance, this wake up call for America and the world. Asking the readers of this publication right now to depart from evil and be straight. God has never created man to be in bed with fellow man so do animals. This is not about discrimination, get me right, I do condemn any kind of discrimination but I do call upon the sinners to DESERT THEIR WEAKED WAYS.

I am offering free counselling for 1 year for the first 1000 people willing to give up LGBT, email me personally on kivumbi@gmail.com, OUR correspondences WILL BE KEPT HIGHLY CONFIDENTAIL. I will give you rehabilitation, show you love and care.

You may be a spiritual leader, a public figure or ordinally person including minors and you have been living in sin, God is willing to receive you, embrace you, save and transform you. Don’t ignore this moment, confess in your heart with this prayer;

“Dear Lord, I come before you, I have sinned against Heaven and fellow human beings. Forgive me, accept me as your child, Heal me, Deliver me and change me. Wash me with your blood and come into my life. Remove my name from the book of death and write it in the Book of life.”

If you have prayed this prayer, look for a church near with a pastor who is straight and fears God.


The views expressed in this article do not represent the views of the institutions I serve, No donor, Investor or Visa consular should use them against me. I am kind , tolerant and non discriminative.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Ugandan Journalists moved by Impoverished Karamajongs during The Joseph Project – HTP Humanitarian Outreach in Kampala Ghetto

HICGI News Agency

By Prossy S Will – Updated on Sunday 17th April 2022

KAMPALA- Former NTV Journalist now BBS Terefayina Icon Culton Scovia Nakamya, Bukedde’s Quiraishi Nsamba, KEB World News’ Aggrey Wagodo and HICGI News Agency’s Faith Barbara Namagembe on Saturday trailed with HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin on Easter Eve 2022 in Kampala’s Slum of Katwe doing humanitarian outreach powered by The Joseph Project USA.

The journalists jumped over trenches, walked in mad and endured rain to cover the impoverished lifestyle of the Karamajong community.


Authorities in Kampala gave an ultimatum of 30 days for the Kalamajong beggars to vacate Kampala Streets.

Kivumbi called upon Ugandan government to support HTP move to buy land to relocate them…

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