3rd May , UN honoured me in Best 5 Ugandan Journalists 2021

Days before 3rd May 2021, I was in Soroti, Eastern Ugandan for some days mentoring a training for Journalists on Climate change and I saw a post in the Youth Coalition for SDGs whatsgroup calling for nomination of journalists and why they should be awarded on World Press Freedom Day 2021. I suggested a name of a journalist I thought can be awarded and left it that way.


What I didn’t know is, the’re men and women who are trucking my coverage and stories I publish at HICGI News Agency for years. I run these stories by abbreviated name “ E K Benj”

I left Soroti and while in Jinja doing Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP work I received a phone call from a colleague “Earnest you have been nominated for this year on best 5 Ugandan Journalists to be awarded by United Nations!”

When I opened my phone, I froze reading multiple reasons why I was being nominated. That’s when I came to realise that the world watches over every small and big thing we do, wether bad or good. Some times they may not say thank you or you’re hurting us but they keep it at heart knowing one day they will react.

Now close to 50 people wrote about me for they keep trucking different things I have been doing in the last 10 years and they were recommending that UN awards me with 3 other Ugandan Journalists in honour of our work. I was humbled that the best way we can know what people think of us is not when we are around but what they say about us when we’re not around.

Today 3rd July am saying thank you for the people who nominated me, thanks United Nations for awarding me, congratulations NTVs Ali Mivule, NBS’s Mildred Tuhaise, New Vision’s Gerald Tenywa & Spark TVs Jocylenn Nakibuule

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Happy Birthday Mama Rosa

On this day, we shall live to celebrate the success and fruits of the journey with you. May God give you more years; You have embraced and nurtured us into leadership.

Parenting – Entanda from Mrs Samalie Lwanyaga

The pupils I taught in 1970 when I first joined the profession were completely different from the pupils I taught in the 1990s. There was a great sense of respect for elders.
The issue is about parenthood, parents have lost it. The other day I lashed out to a mother who I found bathing her 2 kids of 12 and 9 years in public. You’re exposing them to the bad people.

Mrs Samalie Lwanyaga & we.

Now that you’re parents, I request you to raise the children in the fear of God. I should also tell you this; mother don’t make a mistake to give any money to children in case they approach you without consulting the father. As he pays school fees and other responsibilities to the children, he may not give extra upkeep. If you decide to consult the father, the child will learn not to come to you again but will know mother and father are one. This will not create mum – dad’s favourite.

God knows why he has taken almost 7 years to give you the first child. Never ask why He didn’t do it immediately.

Words of Mrs Samalie Lwanyaga, Director Star Primary and Nursery Schools, visiting Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia

Princess and I have just had a baby- Benjamin Netanyahu Kivumbi Jr

At 2:31 am local time Monday 19th April 2021, God has decided to bless us with a first born at Specialised Women & Neonatal Hospital Kampala.

Princess Scovia & had a spectacular wedding on 14 Dec 2014.

The mother and the baby are in good condition.

Benjamin Netanyahu Kivumbi Jr

In a special way, we would like to commend the medics who have worked diligently when we first began this journey till the final hour led by Dr Susan Atuhairwe

Eva Naava , my aunt is now in heaven following Fidodido Church tragedy yesterday.

RIP – Eva Naava

When I saw Facebook posts of locating missing people in yesterday’s church tragedy where a ceiling collapsed on God’s saints at fidodido on Kampala Rd, I didn’t know one of my own was a victim.

Senga Eva Naava Sister of my Taata Daniel Saava is now in heaven. She has been a minister at Kansanga Miracle Centre of Ps Isaac Kiwewesi

There will be prayers at the church tomorrow in Kansanga at mid day and burial at our ancestral home in Nabingo at 4pm.

Brian Senkungu Asse Ekyama ne Edith.

In special way I would like to appreciate everyone who was part of the delegation and support. Ba Taata Dr Kibuka Julius, Taata Wamala Godfrey Kitandwe, Taata Dr Ronald Kisolo, Brother Ashe Kitandwe & Mrs Kitandwe, Taata Sejindu Kitandwe, Taata Kato, Taata Simon Kimbowa, Maama Esther Nasuna, Sister Lillian Nakiwala, Taata Kimbowa Japan, Maama Deborah Muwanga, Kojja Elkanah Serubugo, Sister Zipporah Nalubega, Joselyn Centenary Mwesigye, Princess Scovia Kivumbi, support from pals Henry in Canada, Angel Kanyike, HTP members and every one i have forgotten.

May God bless you and thanks for making my young brother Brian function colorful yesterday 08th March 2021

Ebintu bikyusse mu digital okukyala was like a kwanjula ooopps

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Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

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Congs Don upon your Graduation

You will speak among the elite and intellectuals, they will listen and adhere to your ideas because today success has embraced you. The world is watching I must say however, every small and big mistake we make or even the good things we do are all counted. As future leaders we ought to be more vigilant, honest and exemplary. Every level achieved calls for responsibility knowing that we will be made accountable and judged by our actions. Congratulations my great friend Don Vicent Bwana.

The Beauty of Vintages; Special Memories I share with Kabaka Mutesa.

Today I have been privileged to visit the Kabaka’s Palace in Mengo on a guided tour. I have also seen Ssekabaka Mutesa’s Daimler limo 1962. It was a powerful car.

On special invitation my Nissan Mitsuoka Ryoga will showcase in a competition of Vintages at Sheraton Hotel in May 2021. If I win the contest, I will part with mega gifts.