Parliament; Only Hope to Save the Press

We have no doubt about this, we know how strong the state is and that it can pass any Law of it’s interest.

At such a time like this when the media seems to stand in its way over different things and with it’s determination to almost make your work meaningless before the public; we look at Parliament as the only hope to save Press freedom.

We however seek reconfirmation from these legislators on the media committee, that they will oppose such a bill when it’s tabled before them.

The press is a mirror reflecting what the society is and every one knows this, whatever published reflects what the society is. Instead of attacking it, we should concentrate on rebuilding our society.

We do not agree with some top government officials who refer to the media as “still young and doesn`t understand what constitutes society” we consider this as an insult which demands an apology.

Some members of the media have won both local and regional awards and of course there professionalism is attributed to the recognized institutions from where they trained.

Our MP`s should keep that promise of blocking and opposing this bill rather than changing there mind just like they did on term limits.

We add our voice on calling upon all people from all corners for this cause.

We consider the bill unnecessary since the current Law regulating the freedom of expression as provided by Article 29 (1) (a) of the constitution binds on however violates such freedom. Some journalists who have allegedly violated this have been summoned and prosecuted.

We urge journalists to stay focused and never be intimidated.

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Probe and Prosecution of Minister Werikhe necessary

Date Thur 18th Feb 2010


Much as the opposition emerged winner in Mbale municipality by-elections on Tuesday this week; the country and the entire world should know that the irregularities involved in all past elections-small or big depict deficiency and inefficiency of the Electro Commission. It ought to be done voluntarily always for the E.C removing names of voters from the voters register.

There have never been sound explanations as to why many voters’ names at the last moment do not appear. Apart from nature factors the E.C should tell us why at so many occasions voting facilities are either not enough, arrive late or seem not in place.

If the E.C is to organize free and fair elections; must it be committed, transparent and never manipulated by any political party. PDP wants minister Werikhe who allegedly got involved in the violent incident in which one person was shot and injured during the elections to be prosecuted. His explanation is not vivid to assume innocence because you cannot just order your escort to shoot whenever there’s suspicion of danger- and danger of what magnitude?

Losing a Ugandan citizen at the order of minister counts much and we can not tolerate such orders and scenarios prevail. Dr Mutende and all people who were affected and sustained injuries as a result of this should be compensated and treated by the minister himself. We have witnessed heads of state resigning or forced to do so as a result of there own mistakes. Bill Clinton stepped down because of a woman; how about here?

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

PDP National Coordinator

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By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Africa's Future President Posted in Uncategorized