Uganda Vs Kivumbi Ernest Benjamin & 2 others

Last week on Thursday 08th  April we appeared again at Buganda Rd before Magistrate Dawa Francis Matanga over charges of Interfering with or Resisting the Administration of the Law by Refusing to follow the Police Advices and Directives c/s 56 (2) (a) (VI) and 58 (a) of the PCA when  I , Stephen Muwulya (coordinator Makerere) & Peter Clever Birimuye now Spokes Person desired to enjoy our constitutional Right of peaceful demonstration and also hand petition to the Speaker of Parliament in opposition of the NRM 3 day Meeting in Entebbe State House as we had proclaimed that Thursday 7th Jan 2010 during Press Conference.

Meanwhile the state attorney did not appear last week.

 we are supposed to appear again to court on Tuesday 22 April 2010 at 10.00am.

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Fate & Setbacks of E-commerce, E-government, E-learning, E-health, E-entertainment, E-security & E-mail.

Global technological changes & science is irreversible. A lot of benefits but so many challenges ahead of us as a nation.

Everything is going on online; commerce, health, learning, security, government, mail and so many others.

Fiber optic cables continue to be laid as one of the struggle to ensure internet provision and access in all corners of the country.

In spite of all this; have we considered the fate of all this beyond the gains?

There so many challenges involved and we must confront them. Intellectual criminals  who remain seated behind there computers, intrude in data bases of big organizations-under which law can we prosecute people who may hack into bank of Uganda, Electro Commission or Uganda Revenue Authority from just there living rooms? Will they be charged of trespass or theft?

It’s a challenge still to the minister of ethics & integrity while he battles immorality because today pornography s circulating on a rocket speed.

It’s possible than we can go the other way like china, Austria, Iran or Libya. That’s if we choose to block some sites.

Dr James Nsababuturo should foster a law to prevent misuse of technology most especially for evil or immoral motives.

We must enact a law now in which criminals of such nature can be prosecuted in trucked and arrested; and the time is now.

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