Irony over Muyenga Hill Reports.

We wonder which fate for hundreds of families residing on Muyenga Tank Hill after government caution to vacate the place for fears of a similar tragedy that befell Bududa!

These people have lived on this hill for decades and any unprepared displacement is likely to make there lives miserable.

Because of the uncertainty in the minds of residents there and the rest of Ugandans, it could be necessary to seek extensive scrutiny and justification of these government findings about the state of this place from a highly professional team of experts from out side the country in relation to our government report on the state of Muyenga Hill in order to erase doubt.

If true, we seek to know in which period of time the evacuation must be taken and if  time could be on our side, then  people need not to be pressurized to vacate while unprepared.

More so government should be able to find another extensive piece of land on which these people have to resettle. This may not be necessary in Kampala after all it’s now congested.

It may choose to construct a housing estate in neighboring areas such as Busabara or other sparsely populated areas. But the assurance should be on excellence to suit the class of people currently residing there.

Stone mining may need to stop as said because it also contributes to soil erosion and weakening of the land. Our miners need not to object this just like the people on Mt Elgon had given a cold shoulder when stopped to cut trees and carry out human activities there; the outcomes were land slides.

Alternatively; we know the government may not have the money, but it would be fair if some loans be given to these citizens at no interest rate to enable them find there own places, build and pay back in future.

However if the findings of an independent team of experts negates government findings which has followed orders of evacuation then there would be necessity for them to explain to Ugandans why it could have issued such orders in with no grounds.

Some people have double minds about government orders alleging that there could be precious stones or minerals which have sparked off all this.

By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Africa's Future President Posted in Uncategorized