Kivumbi Unveils Campaign Budget for 2011 Parliamentary Elections

Now is the time.

There comes a time in life when the success of one person becomes success of millions of others yet this success of one person depends and is barked by the efforts of a person like me, you or another.
And because there’s always a time like this, tonight am gonna ask you to stand right with me as a son, sister, brother, and as a friend to prove once more that the true strength of our planet lies not in our military mighty or Nuclear manufacture and Scientific Discoveries. Our future and strength remains based on the decisions we take as people.

Five years ago I believed in the Dream of our predecessors.
The Dream that Africa though a collection of different states whose history may not appear the same, we are, and always will be, the United States of Africa.
And I believed that in 2027 I will run for Africa President. I was only 16 years and I missed running for a political position by the virtue of age and academic papers but now that none of these can stop me so have I come. I have always been a leader throughout my life and now that were going for the 2011 Uganda general elections, I see this as an opportunity, the genesis of Reclaiming the African Presidential Dream.
Even without the endorsement of my party, I would still go in for this position; but good enough People’s Development Party (PDP) (Uganda) in which I serve as Deputy Spokes Person has given me a go ahead; I have won the endorsement of my party for Member of Parliament Kampala Central. 2011-2016.
With this decision I hereby ask you humbly to donate U $ 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1000+ for this cause. We require U $ 106800 for this campaign.
Our causes are known, they’re hidden in the American Founding Principles- Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness for all man kind.

I need your support in order to get there, I will not hide this. Nov 2010, we shall be going for nominations an exercise conducted by the Uganda Electro Commission. By now I would be conducting serious mobilization and campaigns. This requires resources to be done; I and my campaigning Team have been on political tours in the different parts of my constituency. (The pictures and reports can be accessed on my web pages.) I have used the little savings and financial assistance from friends and well-wishers in the last 8 months for media and reaching the public. Am not ashamed to disclose to you that we have run short of funds to sustain the campaigns. It’s against this background that I the vision bearer have chosen to appeal to you now and right here.

Click Here to see our Budget for the 2011 General Parliamentary Elections.

Bless you God.
Your Friend

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

In the Face of Impossible Odds, the People who Love there Nation can Change it

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