Take them to Court or Free them Now; PDP Orders Rwanda to Release Detained Ugandans

Why Our Nationals be Detained for 21 Days?


Plot 51 Kampala Rd, Damanico Building Rm C4.



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Date Thur 7th Oct 10

Our Ref: PDP/10/07


Why Our Nationals be Detained for 21 Days

We take this as important; the government of Uganda must not take this as not serious when Ugandans in South Western Uganda demonstrate while demanding for the release of two of our citizens being detained in Rwanda for unclear circumstances.

Mr. Simpson Mpirirwe (Business man) & Didas Ndamira an employee of Voice of Kigezi are being detained illegally and under the U N Declaration of Human Rights Charter which Rwanda is a signatory, such an act of detention of suspects for now 21 days without being taken to a court of competent jurisdiction violets there personal rights.

This therefore calls for immediate intervention of human rights activists, but most importantly, Uganda government is obliged to take action. No Israelite or an American can be treated in such a manner and his/her government  keeps quite. Former US Presidents such asJimmy Charter, Bill Clinton amongst others have always traveled to as far as North Korea and Iran to ensure release of there nationals who happen to be arrested no matter in which circumstances.

We demand that the Uganda Ambassador to Rwanda visits our nationals being detained.

We also ask the Government of Rwanda to immediately take these people to court or free them today.

PDP at the same asks the Uganda Government to review the punishment that court gave to two Tanzanian Nationals who were given 8 years jail sentence last week for crossing over into Uganda illegally. We view this as unfair since we are a time of promoting the East African spirit of Federation. This is creating tension and finally will disrupt the relations between the two countries. It’s better these people be deported rather than being jailed for such minor issues that can be settled in another way.

Lastly, we demand that the government of Uganda, cooperates with the Sudanese Government to ensure protection and security for Ugandans operating there businesses in Southern Sudan. We fear that if Ugandans continue to operate in such atmosphere in which they are attacked and killed- the outcome could be uncontrollable. These  people contribute much on our national income and they are our nationals.

For God & my Country.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

PDP Depuy Spokes Person/ Former National Coordinator.

By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Africa's Future President Posted in Uncategorized

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