Africa’s Future Kivumbi Turns 23 Years

Africa’s Future President Last Night Alongside the 1st Lady Flavia Apio Served Dinner as Part of the Celebration for the 23rd Birth Day. Children, Neighbours and Family Joined Cut Cake Along Side President.

Today 14th May 2012, Kivumbi Will be Cutting another Cake in Namasuba Entebbe Rd.

Thanks Mom Esther Nasuna who went through Labour Pains in 1989 at 11:45pm, Supreme Hospital Kampala and Allowed me Enter the World.

Am Grateful for my Pastors Nakafero Zelubabel Sifa & Bweyinda David at Redeemed Church Masajja, Thanks Every one all My Supporters who Gave me There Votes whe I contested for MP Kampala Central.

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Truvado- NEW HIV Prevention Drug; Kivumbi Skeptical

Truvado- NEW HIV Prevention Drug; Kivumbi Skeptical

Truvado- NEW HIV Prevention Drug; Kivumbi in a Youth Conference at Christianity Focus Church, Kabowa of Ps Michael Muwanguzi Has Expressed Fear in the Drug Recently Declared to Prevent HIV that It Cant be Relied on Since Scientists Have at Particular Moments Apologized to the World Over there Unrealistic Discoveries.

Uganda’s Future President Kivumbi as Introduced by the MC has Called Upon the Key Fundamental Ethical Values in Fighting the Disease as Faithfulness & Abstinence.

Kivumbi has Also Attacked US President Barrack Obama for Politically Legalising Same sex Marriage and Commended North Calorina for Negating Gay and Lesbian Marriages.