President Kivumbi Calls an End to Syria Crisis.

President Kivumbi Calls an End to Syria Crisis. With the power bestowed unto me by the most high and the citizens of the African Continent to be a President in 2021, I call upon the Syrian regime to end killings of children, Innocents and all her citizens.Image President  Bashar al-Assad Must order his troops to stop all atrocities committed on his citizens, the foreign powers Must withdraw all military and any other support to the rebels. The UN observers should not bark off. Dialogue to end Crisis between the Government and Protesters must Start and peace lovers should pray for the Middle East. I Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Has Ordered.

Kivumbi Preaching at Makindye Blessed Centre this Sunday

Once a Preacher, Always a Preacher; Africa’s Future President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Has Honored Invitation from Pastor Tumwesigye Doreen to Minister in Makindye Blessed Centre this Sunday. The Service will begin from 8:00am- 12:00pm

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I will be accompanied by Flavia Apio, Brian Sengungu, my Mom Esther Nasuna, my two adorpted Children from Gulu and a few Friends. Am Inviting you to attend the Service and Experience the Power of God.

Board a taxi from Old Taxi Park of Makindye Lukuli, just after the Magistrate Court drive 300 Metres on your left hand is the Church on the Main Road. Ps Doreen is a Civil Servant and is Serving as an Auditor in Auditor General’s Office. She;s current at the Police Head Quaters and Appears frequently in the Parliamentary Accounts Commitee for Reports. She’s Married to Benon Mwesigye a Comissioner in the Ministry of Defence and a mother of Four.

Where as many know me as a Politician and currently the CEO/ President Have It Cheap Group International (HICGI), some have known me for being a student Pastor. I pastored the biggest Scriputure Union in Buganda between 2004-2007 at D.K Hill School and Angel High School, Namasuba Entebbe Rd when I was still a student. I hosted reknown Musicians and Preachers and Professionals to inspire young people.

In the Pic is Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha recently Preaching at Makindye Blessed Centre Church

Ricci Davis “Julian Asange” Visits Africa’s Future 1st Family

Ricci Davis a renown AIDS Dissident Imagei Davis Has Paid Homage to Africa’s Future Family Home in Namasuba Entebbe Rd. He came last night 20th June 12. He is widely known as Julian Asange simply becuase he has made extensive Research on AIDS, Governments, Intenational Policies, Organisations, Insititutions, Indiviaduals to mention but a few and is in position of Good Information for our generation. We invited him and he blessed us for the last 20 Hours. Flavia Apio (Africa’s Future 1st Lady), Brian Senkungu 1st Brother, Esther Nasuna Queen Mother, Antonia Brian’s Girl Friend and I have had Dinner and Break fast with him. Thanks Ricci for being with us. See About Ricci

China Should Extradite Ugandans on Death Sentence, Kivumbi Calls.

Whereas China is a Sovereign State and that it must implement its laws, it should not under estimate its international relations especially with Countries like Uganda where it’s heavily investing. China should extradite our nationals back home in a comprehensive and mature mutual understanding so that they serve their sentences here.

Image Death sentence is inhuman and ungodly and should never be opted for. I ask the China Government to reconsider this.

 For God and My Country.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
EX Kampala Central MP Aspirant.