Kivumbi Invited to Meet President Museveni & Janet Kataha


Kivumbi Invited to Meet President Museveni & Janet Kataha


EX Ethics Minister/ MP Dr James Nsababuturo who partially Sponsored Kivumbi’s Education at A.Level Has honored Kivumbi and set an opportunity to have him Meet the President and the 1st Lady again this Saturday 06th/ Oct/12 before the 50 Years Jubilee Celebrations in Kololo. Sources from the State House can now reveal that Kivumbi’s CV has not only shocked the President but also “female singles” who have been pressurizing “DJ Sevo” to Bring Kivumbi on Board. Kivumbi 1st met the President on 12th/ Jan/12 at State House Entebbe and witnesses allege that Kivumbi had 4 Four Hour Meeting with the African most feared leader alongside his Delegation at the time he was running for MP Kampala Central. Kivumbi an EX PDP National Coordinator/ Deputy Spokesman denied claims that he was bribed with U$ 250,000 to join NRM. Since then Kivumbi has been a cadre and he states that Sevo’s Meeting with him was to help him Reclaim the African Dream by having the support of the President to unite Africa as well as serving Ugandans. This Saturday Kivumbi will be accompanied by his Bro Brian Senkungu, Mother Esther Nasuna, Business Partner Grace Ertzgaard from Norway and his House Manager Sandra Lanyero.


Bishop Bweyinda David Azadde

Bishop Bweyinda David Azadde

Bishop Pastor Bweyinda David Akubyewo Ezadde; Agataliko Nfufu. A couple of hours ago the Redeemed Christ Ministries Masaja were President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin is amember has been overwhlemed by the news of the new born baby of our Pastor David Gloria Bweyinda. He baby has been born in United Kingdom London and reports from M16 Indicate that Bweyinda’s second born is in good condition. The White House and the Queen of England Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth have sent greetings to the Bweyinda’s. Kivumbi was the chief Coordinator of the Bweyinda and Gloria Wedding in Kampala Officiated by Jaaja Robert Kayanja. Yogayoga Bweyinda.

Death of Prominent Gospel Music Artist alongside Miner; Also Death of Pastor’s Wife.

Death of Prominent Gospel Music Artist alongside Miner; Also Death of Pastor’s Wife. My mom Esther Nasuna Director Tumutende Primary School Namasuba/ Elder at Redeemed Church of Christ Masajja shared with me yesterday fresh vision of the death of unidentified characters in the Gospel Music Industry/ Kingdom. Her Prophecy/ Visions have always been accurate and come to pass. The latest is Ghana’s John Atta Mills which I shared with the world 3 days before his death and many took it jokingly!Image