Date: July 23, 2013

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The Egyptian coup as we refer to it has caught global attention and has exposed the interests of foreign powers in the affairs of the historical nation of Egypt.

More than fifty people have died; more than sixty women have been raped since President Mohammad Morsi was toppled and subjected to house arrest.

Heal The Planet (H.T.P) doesn’t defend the inefficiency of president Morsi in the past year of his reign but we think that one year is not enough for him to satisfy a stricken nation following the after math of President Mubarak and live to the expectations of the revolutionaries.

We condemn the National Guard ousting of the elect president an act that jeopardizes and compromises democracy. We therefore demand for the release of President Morsi and his reinstatement as the commander in chief.

We also demand for ending of protests of the Egyptian nationals both anti and pro Morsi presidency.

We seek for inquiry into the rape cases against Egyptian women and that the victims be given medical response.

 We advocate for prosecution of those damaging infrastructure and killing of people as well as those committing crimes against people.

We would also propose for deployment of A.U troops with the support of U.N peace troops with if the situations call.

Finally there should also be A.U/ U.N Security Council meeting in respect of the Egyptian crisis and resolutions made could consider our proposals here.

Thanks so much.

Yours Sincerely

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (C.E.O)

  P .O Box 3977 Kampala, Uganda (East Africa)

Email:,, Mobile: +256702137566 (UG), +256773137566 (UG), +255765911626 (TZ), +254729829065 (KE)


Snowden Exclusive; Kivumbi Tips Sam Kutesa on Snowden Asylum in Uganda.


Snowden Exclusive; Kivumbi Tips Sam Kutesa on Snowden Asylum in Uganda.
News has it that last night Heal The Planet Founder (HTP)/President & EX Kampala Central MP Aspirant Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin interacted with Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Sam Kutesa about Snowden being grunted asylum in Uganda. Kivumbi seems to have taken an extra move when he has pleaded with the Government of Uganda to negotiate with Russia & United Nations to have 29 year old NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden be granted asylum in Uganda-Africa.
Kivumbi’s new proposal is that Snowden should be transported in a United Nation’s jet under security of Interpol & UN Troops from Mosco Airport to Entebbe International Airport.
This comes following Kivumbi being set free by Uganda’s Criminal Intelligence Department (CID) after being interrogated and grilled for close to 3 hours over alleged connection with Wiki leaks & Edward Snowden which young vibrant and soft spoken politician has denied.
“During my meeting with Deputy Speaker of Parliament in the office of the speaker, I was handed over to a gentleman in plain clothes working with the Parliamentary Security and Intelligence operatives. He moved me from level 4 to basement in a heavily security equipped room next to the Parliament mosque.
In that room was a number of officers in plain clothes who latter I learnt were CID’s. I was asked for my passport and my Identity card was withdrawn from the Parliament reception were it was. The police officers and people at the reception were attacked and cautioned for having let me go the Speaker’s office without appointment. I was exposed to another thorough security scrutiny by the CID my personal, business and political documents which were in my bag were taken from me.
The contacts of my business associates were taken down and my physical address. My clients’ details in various countries were also asked and the nature of my businesses.
I was asked my connection with Snowden and Wiki leaks and why am fighting for them and why Snowden Asylum in Uganda. My explanations engraved in the letter to the president and speaker of Parliament in respect of Snowden being granted asylum in Uganda could not satisfy both the Deputy speaker and CID, they demanded for more reasons yet I gave them 10 reasons. The grilling was coming to 3 hours and it was getting dark and I became so worried.
I wouldn’t communicate to my lawyers or any one though I was allowed to go and use the toilet being escorted by someone.” What had become a joking and small issue seemed to have turned big and serious and what followed we frequent phone calls and them speaking on phone. More CID’s who looked senior to the ones around came being saluted with words “yes afande”.. They said this was a very serious matter they were handling.
I suspect they received orders from above to set me free after knowing and verifying my friendship with President Museveni and after some time, I was released and I continued to the office of the president were the presidential guards cleared me and I finished my late business with the office of the president.
They however apologized to me and I forgave them though I can’t forget this trauma, suffering for Snowden and Wiki leaks who don’t even know I exist.”
Kivumbi has been seen in mid night meetings with city pastors who we’ve learnt are asking him to shut down Uganda Snowden Asylum Campaign though Kivumbi has not promised to back off.
Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
Heal The Planet

BIG STORY; Jesus Heals Woman with Cervical Cancer, A Dying 2 Month Baby & A Moslem Woman with Arabic Demons “Amajini” During David Bweyinda Crusade- Operation Hunting the Hunter.

BIG STORY; Jesus Heals Woman with Cervical Cancer, A Dying 2 Month Baby & A Moslem Woman with Arabic Demons “Amajini” During David Bweyinda Crusade- Operation  Hunting the Hunter.

July 16, 2013


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

EX Kampala Central MP Aspirant/ Former People’s Development Party Deputy Spokesman/National Coordinator.


On Sunday morning 14th July 2013 my mom Esther Nasuna Favor gave me call and asked me to attend service at Redeemed Church of Christ Masajja pastured by David Bweyinda & his mother Nakafero Zelubabel  Sifa and latter a crusade the church had organized at Masajja play ground- it was the final day of the crusade. I was hesitant and told her I was going to Empowerment Christian Prayer Center Mutundwe of Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha, for I have been going there for the last couple of months though Redeemed Church has been my church for the last 20 years; I however agreed and after a great time in the presence of God at the fully pact service filled with prophetic and deliverance sessions, we had lunch with  a team of visitors from United Kingdom led by Evangelist  Ryan  Mark Smith a financial expert who preached in the main service. His family/team gave everyone who attended sugar and a bar of soap as well as lunch.

At around 7:00pm 3 quarters of the play ground had been filled with people- the venue has a capacity of 5000 people. Musicians including Pregnant Jean Peace, Pastor Wilson Bugembe amongst dozens of others graced the crusade.Image

By 9:00pm the very Pastor Bweyinda I know , the one you call several names including Kisaka, Gologosa, Biligwawo… hit the pulpit and started preaching Jesus, this Jesus of Nazareth- a carpenter who died and rose from the grave. The man invited people who had received miracles during his crusade which started on 11th July 2013. What amazed me is this woman who had come on drips being lifted by people. ImageThe woman according to her had been diagnosed of cervical cancer and could not eat or drink, she remained in agony in the house with her little children for she’s a widow. When the man of God was praying and realizing the power of Jesus this woman’s excruciating pain stopped instantly and when she went back home  a night before Sunday she was able to eat a whole chicken, I witnesses her testimony together with the people who had brought her speak on Sunday.

As the power of God continued to manifest, I saw a Muslim woman with a veil kicking every one lifting her and screaming, the Pastor laid his hand on her as she screamed the “Arabic” demons (amajini) which were tormenting left her.Image

While eyes were still on the woman there came a woman from the congregation and security allowed her get on the platform that I had someone whispering earlier “is it DJ Sevo coming?” Meaning President Museveni for everything at the ground were multimillion- in fact more than 500 million was poured at the crusade; well this woman holding her 2 month  baby who was half dead with white eye and producing leather from the mouth. ImageThe pastor removed the baby wrapped and asked Jesus to heal the baby. In 3 minutes the baby’s eyes came to normal and the liquid from the mouth stopped. The baby was sweating and had come back to normal and was given back to the joyous mother.

Oh my God, there’s this teenage girl who was yelling and kicking men carrying her-I have never seen so powerful a young girl invaded with demons can be. It took ten minutes for the pastor to heal the girl. In the 10th minute the girl chilled and fell on the ground and stopped abusing the pastor. She was lifted up and the pastor gave her a bottle of water which she finished in 41 seconds and was smiling. The Bweyinda I know told the mother of the girl that she was going to die at 1:00am that night for she had been bewitched.

These are the miracles I personally witnessed leaving dozens of testimony I listened from people.Image

The crusade was finalized with Evangelist Ryan giving Pastor Bweyinda a Chelsea jazzy and burning sacks of witchcraft materials that people were pouring on the pulpit. Pastor Ryan declared an end to witchcraft what has bound Busabara Rd (to the extent that the government of Uganda has forgotten about it with a lot of dust killing people-additional text from reporter.)

As for me I spotted a young beautiful girl from UK you’re seeing in the picture, my eyes couldn’t resist her-ahahaha am joking!Hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ during the crusade and they will be baptized on Sunday. ImageThe church has also booked the ground for 31st Dec over night prayer moment, “our Namboole will be here don’t go anywhere.” Said Pastor Bweyinda. See more pictures on

Key Statements of Kivumbi Radio Talkshow on Kingdom Fm

On Sunday 07/07/13 after a VIP dinner at Kawempe Worship Centre with senior citizens in the country including religious and political leaders organized by Pastor Kawesa Stephen of Yesu Akwagala Ministries handing over mantle after 40 years of ministry, young politician Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin aged 24 maneuvered in the traffic jam and behold he joined journalists for a 3 hours political talk show known as Entebbe e’woma (sweat seat) ironically hot-too hot that this time fire spat!


The following are some of the key note statements of Ex Kampala Central MP Aspirant & Former Deputy Spokesman/National Coordinator of People’s Development Party (PDP) now in NRM.

“I Congratulate Bishop David Kiganda upon his wedding to Cindy a Zimbabwean national, I attended the wedding both at Church & Reception at Speke Resort Munyonyo-it was colorful. ” Bishop Kiganda owns Kingdom fm.

“I don’t want to talk about Dr Abed Bwanika or PDP, all I know is that Africa and Uganda needs vigilant young blood like me who assess the political climate and can spear head fundamental changes in the political arena for the benefit of the future of this nation and continent and I Kivumbi identify myself with such a generation that’s why  I crossed to NRM and didn’t do it for money because I’ve never got any as many of you allege.” Kivumbi responding to questions of political prostitution.

“The fire outbreak at the Northern by pass was a normal accident as such does happen always and people collect fuel and fire doesn’t kill them, this was unfortunate and I thank the president who donated to the victims 5 million each- in fact fire has just gutted a US State killing more than 19 fire fighters.” Kivumbi responds to DP discussant who said government was careless and had thought it was Gen Sejusa who had come to attack it.

“Sejusa is nothing and can’t do much, his agenda for the country is unknown apart from his personal issues with the president-where is his manifesto?” Kivumbi demystifies Sejusa moves.

“Edward Snowden should be given asylum here in Uganda for he is a defender of basic liberties, civil rights and privacy which United States preaches under democracy” Kivumbi defends his Snowden Uganda Asylum campaign.

“You have no evidence to pin President Museveni as behind the Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA Northern Uganda 20 year war, in fact you should restrain from inciting masses and creating  hatred amongst the people.” Kivumbi attacks DP Discussant on Joseph Kony Issue.

“The Egyptian coup as personally I refer to it is unjustifiable, I agree with the journalist that Mohammad Morsi couldn’t fulfill and satisfy all Egyptians in one year, the army involvement in politics compromises democracy in Africa and is unnecessary. ” Kivumbi speaks on Egyptian Crisis that has claimed more than 50 people and left more than 60 women raped.

“Army representation in Parliament would be among solutions to coups since there grievances could be brought to Parliament but the president should desist from having Gen Aronda Nyakairima who has not resigned from army to be a Minister of Internal affairs, the constitution is clear on this Mr. President.” Kivumbi passes loud, clear & direct massage to President Museveni over Aronda appointment.






Your Excellency in 1948 at the time of the creation of the nation of Israel we missed a great opportunity of International Consideration to have the Israel people be relocated in Uganda. Today a defender of privacy, basic liberties & civil rights Mr. Snowden Edward formerly US spy in National Security Agency (NSA) who is in transit at Russian Airport is seeking asylum in over 20 countries (Africa not inclusive). Majority of the countries are refraining from assisting him with excuses that they require him to apply while in their own countries!

Mr. President below is why we must send the presidential jet to pick him from Moscow Airport and grunt him asylum here;
1- Uganda is an independent country and commits no offence under International Statutes to handle its own issues including grunting asylum to people like Mr. Snowden (29) twenty nine years.
2- There’s no warrant of arrest issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) “USA not a signatory” or International Police (Interpol) against Mr. Snowden.
3- The act of United States to prosecute Mr. Snowden is not in public interest for he is a hero defending civil liberties and United States law doesn’t work here.
4- This is chance to have our image internationally become more polished in respect of civil liberties and human rights protection.
5- Uganda will maintain its position of being the world’s leading tourist destination and the number of visitors and revenue will multiply which is a gain to our economy.
6- The risks and pressure by United States in case we’ve grunted asylum to Mr. Snowden is bearable. United States investments, trade relations & grunts here can be dealt without. In fact it’s not we who need United States, its US that needs us in the following aspects;
(a) We’re are the custodian and champions of peace & security in the horn of Africa following US defeat in 1993 by Somali insurgents.
(b) United States needs you and Uganda for its agendas and interest in the region and Africa following your replacement in position after the “assassination” of the Lion of Africa by NATO Col Mwamah Minyel El Bin Gadaffi.
(c) Uganda defeat of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels and its leader Joseph Kony who were destabilizing the region ranked us heavily in the eyes of international community, this fugitive search by United States and ICC requires the help of Uganda which is a comparative advantage to us before United States.
(d) President Hussein Barrack Obama a descent of Africa managing America has lost support and popularity both at home and internationally. This is evident by polls and recent demonstration opposing his visit in Africa, never in the history of his visit to Africa has he ever been opposed meaning that we advantage against his regime when we grunt asylum to Mr. Snowden.
7- Uganda will have free adverts on the International scene and media which is an opportunity to us rather than spending billions of money to market ourselves.
8- Uganda has always done without international donations in terms of budget and at times when they withdraw aid because of our position on gay & lesbianism though we still need to double fight of corruption elements in our institutions.
9- We have all the resources in mineral wealth, intellectual properties, talents, climate, clean water, energy, labor and much more that we don’t need US help when we grunt asylum to Mr. Snowden.
10- Finally Uganda will be joined and eventually get much support from other countries and global citizens including United States.
Thanks Mr. President.


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
Former Kampala Central MP Aspirant