C.A.R Needs Humanitarian Intervention; HTP President Kivumbi.

C.A.R Needs Humanitarian Intervention. The Central African Republic has been torn with Political, Ethnic and Religious Turmoil.The nation requires Uganda to send Troops and help stabilize the country that has seen hundreds of thousands of its citizens dying. Crimes against humanity have been committed involving massacres, raping of women, abuse of children and much more. Heal The Planet Global Organisation appeals to Uganda to send troops in C.A.R for a peace Mission,we are grateful for the French and E.U troops already there. In the picture is HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with UN Soldiers for a Darfur Mission from Asia.


Kivumbi on Record & Bukedde TV

Kivumbi On Record TV. My Appreciations go to you my fans and viewers for today’s Live Show on Record TV in which I have been Discussing Kampala Violence. I can’t of course forget my Host Mr. Kalanzi, the Producer, Camera Crew, Light, Sound & Technical Crew- You Make me what Iam.


Don’t Miss Tomorrow  Morning Thursday 09th Jan 2013. Am ganna be on Bukedde TV 1 in a Recorded Coverage of my opinion on Ugandan Infrastructure. The program could run Again on Friday Morning around 10:00am.

My TV Broadcast will be available in the near future for Sale on DVD.

Kivumbi Speaks to NTV as Uganda Descends in South Sudan with Heavy Military Hardware.

Military hardware has been sighted at the Elegu border crossing heading from Uganda to South Sudan.


“This is the true spirit of the African fraternity, am proud that our government has decided to descend in South Sudan to stop the aggression of selfish politicians who are breaking the Constitution of the world’s youngest nation. Machar and his people should wait for elections, Uganda should defend & heal the people of South Sudan.” Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP President & Founder Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Speaking to NTV Uganda.

Rwanda Alleged Karegeya Assassination; Kivumbi Remarks to Daily Monitor News Paper.

Image In The Picture is Portia Karegeya Col Patrick Kalegaya’s Daughter, EX Kigali Chief Spy who has been murdered in South Africa.

When God is in Heaven, He watches over mankind and sees hypocrites and murderers, the people we praise, shake hands with, dine with them and respect, to Him He sees the real them and soon or latter they will be exposed and I promise you the same acts they do to others will be paid to them back hardly. RIP, Kalegeya, RIP Mayombo, RIP Kazini, RIP Yasah Arafat, RIP J.F Kennedy, RIP.