Kivumbi Enduring Creed with Rwanda-Marking 20 years of Deadliest Genocide

The World Has Experienced Tragedies but the 1994 Rwanda Genocide can not  just depart from our memories, it becomes fresh every April of each year we commemorate this historical humanitarian catastrophe, Today we mark 20 years since close to 2 Million people were butchered as the world gazed. On behalf of Heal The Planet Global Organiation-HTP I apologize but it would sound much more if America, International Media, U.N and the International Community does so. I know this is not enough, but we need also to compensate Rwanda and must promise ourselves never to be silly like this again when one part of the world suffers. We thank Uganda for proving this too, sending UPDF troops to South Sudan to stop a Genocide as America shouts that the troops be withdrawn! RIP Rwandese who perished.  Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin HTP & HICGI Boss  Click here to view 64 Tear splashing Images of Rwanda 1994 Genocide




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