Kivumbi on Mission in Rakai for Sr. Amadeo Charity Foundation

 Kivumbi on Mission in Rakai for Sr. Amadeo Charity Foundation

E K Benjamin also known as Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin will tonight be leaving for Kampala from Rakai 125 Miles West of the Ugandan Capital on Tanzania-Uganda Boarder where he has spent 3 days on a special mission by Sister Amadeo Charity Foundation.

Kivumbi has been meeting with district leaders right from L.C I,II, III, CDO, CAO to RDC and many others. Together with Board officials of the organisation, we have donated food items including sugar and rice to more than100 families in Kakuuto sub-county. We have met hundreds of orphans,dozens of needy, elderies, PWDs, HIV/AIDS victims and other vulnerable groups who need support.

Sr. Amadeo Charity Foundation was founded by Grace Kabi, a Ugandan Norwegian who has great zeal in uplifting the standards of people in the area who are highly and deeply affected by HIV endemic. The Organisation will continue rendering services to the people including on a national level because of generous people like you who will sacrifice a penny to enable us take at least one or more children to school, feed  a family and treat a sick person as well as supporting the elderies.

Speaking to Norway this morning Kivumbi has expressed gratitude and humility  for undertaking the assignment given to him; this journey reminds him of the Trip he took in 2012 when he moved around East Africa passing from Rakai to Mutukula. Kivumbi visited Bukoba, Mwanza, Arusha, Mt. Kilimanjaro, gave a public lecture at the University of Dodoma-UDOM about the need to unite African nations,presented a paper in  Dar-el-salaam at the State House and continued to Nairobi where he also gave a public lecture at the University of Nairobi about his dream for a United States of Africa. Click on the link to see deatils of the story .Kivumbi also campaigned for Orange for Democratic Change-ODC Parliamentary flag bearers but campaigned for President Uhuru Kenyata. The two month odyssey gave him outstanding charisma and experience for his political ambitions and business ventures as well as exposure.

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