Dear President Obama-Kivumbi Replies to U.S President

Dear President Obama,

I have been reading your weekly email from my organisation email and I have been greatly touched by your easy life and compassion- some times because we disagree on several things such as Gay rights, your foreign policy especially when you attacked Libya and assassinated the man I have always loved Col Mwamah Minyer El Bin Gadaffi, U.S continued torture feast in Guantanamo Bay, and much more but am humbled that you’re a President who understands every one, associates with the big and small, rich and poor. Am telling u- as you continue meeting people like Rebekah, helping youth get jobs and giving chance and room to nurture future leaders, is a better choice.

Am not sure if my dream will come to pass, it appears like you’re left with few years to finish your term of office; three years ago a got a dream when I was in Nairobi on my hotel bed, the dream was I had met you with two members of my family-Am sure if time has come to meet you this must and will happen but I must say that u r a great leader and 100 speeches of your political career have inspired me and I hope that one day I will lead Africa.

Thanks Mr. President
Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, Kampala Uganda.


Kivumbi Donates Cement in Catholic Church Fundraising

A few Hours ago , the President of the most powerful nation H.E Kaguta Museveni has missed a fundraising event at St. Pius in Masajja on Busabara rd where he has been expected as the guest of Honor. He has however delegated Hon Rosemary Sseninde. 15 tents occupied with multitudes have flocked to attend the event in which I have pledged two bags of cement to construct the Catholic Priests’ house next to the church. The church needs 200 million to enable it finish the work. The event is still going on with musicians and politicians dominating it in style and NRM and Museveni fans expressing allegiance. ImageMore Pics here


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أم ميكنج فيسيل فيست

ذيس صنداي أم ميكنج أن فيسيل فيست طه بولنج أت ٣:٠٠بم. أني أن وهو وولد ليك طه كومباني م كان كل +٢٥٦٧٠٢١٣٧٥٦٦ لوتس أف لف. كيفمب إرنست بنجامين أفريكاص فطور برصيدنة. وو.يكبينجامين.وبس.كوم .

أم ميكنج فيسيل …

RIP Joel Obalim Nakashoni-Kivumbi Morns Gulu Music Star

Whereas in 2013 we developed some disagreements, your death has struck me down Mr. Joel Obalim, I cant forget profound moments we shared when I visited Gulu with Flavia Apio and Nancy Adong. I also appreciated the wedding song u had composed and recorded in 2011, u will remain on my heart. Rest in Peace Joel Obalim Nakashoni.


Joel, Kivumbi, Flavia, Nancy, Joel Mom n Dad in Kabedopong, GuluImage

Joel MoM


Flavia Apio, Nancy Adong n Joel Obalim

ImageJoel Obalim