Another Terrorist Attack-Vision to Kivumbi Mom

HICGI News,  Another Terrorist Attack on Ugandan Capital

Another Terrorist Attack on Uganda Capital- Vision to Kivumbi Mom

No Pride in this, but 3 days before the death of John Atta Mills on 24th July 2012, Esther Nassuna Favor, 50 a resident of Namasuba a few minutes from Freedom City had seen death of this African President and shared it with her family during prayer alter. Since then the rear visions this woman sees have been taken serious and have come to pass.

Esther mother to a young politician Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin based in Kampala Central has had yet a Vision of another terrorist Attack on Ugandan Capital. Speaking to HICGI News Agency yesterday 10th July 2014, Born Again Christian and Elder at Redeemed Church Masajja of Ps David Bweyinda, scan describe this attack as bloody!
Nassuna says that this attack is seen occurring in a shopping place in Kampala and has urged people using busy market places and malls to be on high alert in respect of what God has showed her.
Meanwhile the Ugandan security agencies comprising of UPDF & anti-terrorism police have been seen patrolling the city in the last couple of days in fear of an attack.

United States Embassy in Kampala has issued warning alerts on similar attacks that befell Uganda on 11 July 2010 during the world cup finals which saw 90 people dead (72 Government figures) losing life in the twin explosion at Ethiopian village restaurant in Kabalagala a city suburb and Lugogo cricket ground.

Since then East African nations apart from Burundi have tasted the bitter liquid of Al-shabab bloody attacks –these have been blaming Uganda, Burundi and Kenya for deployment of troops and carrying out extensive military operations meant to wipe them out in Mogadishu, Somalia. The West Gate Mall trauma is the recent terror attack that has shocked the world.
Early this week four were injured in an explosion that occurred in an Asian restaurant in Arusha ,Tanzania which has clarified that no one is safe.

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Kivumbi Article in News Paper-Uganda’s Foreign Military Escapades Good For Us.

Kivumbi Article in  Dynasty News Paper-Uganda's Foreign Military Escapes Good

Kivumbi Article in Dynasty News Paper-Uganda’s Foreign Military Escapes Good

Uganda's Foreign Millitary Escapes Good-Kivumbi Earnest B Article in Dynasty News


Date: 04th/July/2014
Empowerment Christian Prayer Centre
Mutundwe, Kampala, Uganda
C/O Ps Franklin Mondo Mugisha

Nkulamusiza Sabasumba,


Tutusa okubagiza kwaffe olwokufirwa Maama Jane Harera, amawulire agokufa kwe gatukoze bubi nnyo era negatuletela enyike.

Tusaba Mukama akuyise mukasera kano akokusomoza wa mu ne kanisa na bakiliza bonna ne family yo, tusaba Mukama abagumye.

Era nomwoyo gwomugenzi Mukama aguwumuze mirembe.

Kulwa HTP Team yonna

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
President/ Founder

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Happy Birth Day Flavia Apio-From President Kivumbi

Happy Birth, May U Blow 1000 Candles.

From President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

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