President Kivumbi Lands at Soroti Airport welcomed by Princess Namalwa

A Few Minutes Ago I and Uganda’s 2021 First Lady Princess Namalwa Scovia have arrived in Kampala City following a 4 Day Holiday Trip in Kalamoja 421.04 KM. I must confess it has been an expensive trip but worthy for a life time than spending bulk cash for medical surgery. Wow! from the 7 Hills of Kampala to the Hue Capped Mountains bordering Uganda,Kenya and South Sudan; we have incredible stories to tell that you will be visualizing in the coming days. Day 1 & 2 Soroti where we also flew on a plane both of us for the first time- it was ewesome, don’t miss this unedited video and more coming that we captured in Uganda space and landing at the airport. Day 2 & 3 Moroto where we sat with His Excellency the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the same tent as we Celebrated the International Youth Day 12th Aug 2014 at Boma Grounds, our tour of Mountain Moroto to dancing Akadodi with Kalamajongs at Leslon Hotel on 11th Aug night and Day 3 & 4 our tour of Mountain Elgon in Mbale. Wait for more stories Thanks my Comrade IGP Gen Kale Kaihura Kalekyezi for your gift to us, u made me smile, of course Mummy Grace Kabi and loving friends like M. Magala. Big ups! NB I Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin n Princess Namalwa will wed this Dec 14th 2014 at Common Wealth Speke Resort Munyonyo- God willing.

Moroto top Kampala

IMG0234A IMG0239A IMG0241A IMG0248A IMG0258A IMG0268A IMG0282A IMG0287A

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