Billionaire Pastor Imelda Namutebi Rocks East Africa with Biggest Church-HICGI News Agency

Liberty-churchPs Namutebi, M7, Kayanja n KulaBillionaire Pastor Imelda Namutebi Rocks East Africa with Biggest Church



03rd May 2014

A few hours ago the President of the most powerful nation in Africa Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has officiated the opening of a multi-million dollar church located 5 miles west of Ugandan capital Kampala. Heal the Planet Global Organisation President & Founder/ Have It Cheap Group International President & CEO Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin arrived in Lugara at 11:40 am shortly after a heavy down pour to Liberty Worship Centre Church seated on 17 Acres of land. Kivumbi has been received in a VIP status and led to the front seats before being welcomed to a VIP dinner with government officials and top city pastors.

Ex-Muslim woman now famous miracle performing pastor Imelda Namutebi together with her husband Kula finely and elegantly dressed have shared their testimony to over 15000 worshipers who have gathered to thank God for enabling them to construct and finish this mega cathedral.

In his brief but historical speech, son of Mzee Amos Kaguta has leaked a secret of how established religious leaders approached him and asked him to ban the Balokole-Born Again Christians alleging that they were misleading society with their fast growing movement; Museveni has confessed that he chose to ignore them citing a Kinyanyankore proverb whose interpretation in English is “Feed all puppies, you may now know which one will hunt for you” Indeed Museveni was right because today as many claim its these balokole who have kept him in power. In fact Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Churches in Uganda has warned him that if he forsakes this nation-they, the balokole will invade his ranch in Rwakitura and feast on his cows, Kayanja has asked him to lead until he sees that this nation has fully stabilized.

Africa’s long serving president Y K Museveni has hailed Born-again’ for the tremendous contribution to the country especially in transforming the youth in the world’s youngest nation where 80% of the population are young people.

Museven has quoted a Biblical scripture which says that “We shall know them by their fruits” stressing the impact of the Born Again Church in Uganda. The President who has been wearing an Italian suit has called upon the believers who he has referred to us investors as Pastor Imelda Namutebi called them earlier to use the same formula to do other community projects such as putting grinding machines, juicy processing machines and much more.

Namutebi has removed doubt on the questionable multi-million dollar cathedral by confirming that the believers in the church are the ones who have heavily invested and poured money for the construction of the church. “Its debt free and there’s no money from America or anywhere from it” she added.

The once renown biwempe (papyrus)churches are now built with tiles and expensive stones; the likes of Miracle Centre Cathedra- Lubaga, Omega Worship Centre of Michael Kyazze, Kansanga Miracle Centre of Kiwewesi, Christian Life Church of Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, Life Church Zanna, Abundant Church, Namirembe Worship Centre of Simeon Kayiwa the list is endless scattered all over the country and now this one of Imelda Namutebi have projected and rebranded the image of Born Again Churches.

Today pastors in Uganda are billionaires with Radio stations, televisions stations, posh houses and cars as well as churches.

Museveni has made five key points based on scriptures where he has also stressed people who went to Jesus and reported those who were performing miracles and preaching like him in which Jesus replied that those who are not against us are for us, H.E added this on the secret he has leaked.

He has donated 20 million shillings in cash as a small token to the pastor before cutting a cake and launching of the Liberty Magazine which has been bought more than 30 million shillings by the people in cash and pledges.

International and national pastors including Dr. Joseph Serwada, Pastor Makumbi, wife of late Pastor Mugerwa, Kayisali, Aaron Mutebi, Pastor Kalori, Kiwewesi, Pastor Senyonga and many others have graced and donated towards the church.

Pastor Robert Kayanja and Wilson Bugembe have auctioned the magazine that has also a lot of testimony and pictorial of Imelda Namutebi. Kayanja says that Namutebi has become one of the mothers of the church in Uganda and noted there has never been a woman who builds a cathedral not even in the Acts of Apostles in the Bible but Namutebi has done so.

Kayanja has hailed the 1st Lady Mom Janet Kataha Museveni for being on the fore front of the gospel in Uganda. Janet is a born again Christian and has welcomed so many international evangelists to Uganda including Benn Hinn, Dr Monroe who when they come she offers them Presidential Guards and State Cars in addition to State House Dinners.

HTP & HICGI Boss Mr. Kivumbi remains marveled by the joyous mood of the presidential guards who have smiled and been waving at the people something they don’t usually do-they are always tough!

Kivumbi last visited Namutebi church which was under construction with Flavia Apio 2 years ago, see image here.

The question also remains whether Museveni is still a Born-again like his wife as he stresses in his book Sowing of the Mustard Seed, critics allege that he believes in the Bachwezi something he has not denied.

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  1. she practiced endless prayers and God bless her with powerful holy spirit to perform miracle’s mama live longer

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