Kivumbi Trail during 100 Years + Uganda Police Celebration at Kololo

Kivumbi Trail during 100 Years + Uganda Police Celebration

3rd Oct 2014

Now today is another remarkable  and historical day; it really began very simple like any other day but this time round as usual once in a week my mom  Queen Esther Nasuna Favor and Ps Rhoda our prayer partner come at my home on Namasuba Hill before I left to pray and fellowship with me, I’m telling you these people I owe them a debt immeasurably too big especially on how much they have contributed to my spiritual life with the seed of prayer, love and support bestowed unto me as they usher me for the bigger call on my life-by now you know it, it was written in the books somewhere that one day I will be a leader and this, men of God have confirmed it like Ps Bweyinda, Ps Mondo & Prophet Kakande. Of course not now but sure it will happen, just like God knew the President of the most powerful nation in Africa at the time he was just a herds man in the bushes of South  Western Uganda-Long Live Mzee Kaguta.

President YK M7 with Kivumbi

Well, when I left home i was dropped by my good comrades, my other mom & client Grace Kabi. Stepped at the Independence grounds at Kololo Airstrip the very minute H.E Gen Dr. Y K Museveni has been arriving in his convoy. I have been escorted right from the extreme east gate of the airstrip by a security official up to the VIP tent of the President around Mid-day. My VIP card, as usual on such functions I seat in Mzee’s tent with diplomats, religious, cultural leaders, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Protective Organs Bosses and other VIPs.

Now this is what makes my day extraordinary; at the peak of the event of celebrating more than 100 years of Police- The President came where I have been standing. There’s a family of a fallen comrade in the police standing where I have been and he came greeting.

Mzee last approached me so near like when we met and had private talk with no body guards and aides at State House Entebbe, only me and him in an executive jumbo living room where Queen Elizabeth and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi met with him. Yes we been on more than 17 functions when am seated in his tent or near him but not so close like he came to me today.  Now mzee looks at me critically in my simple attire, dressed in brown court and T-shirt inside and him in combat. I tell him it’s me your son Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin as he moves close to me, the rest I won’t tell but probably a call to me I should expect. It really doesn’t matter what your enemy, witch and so on can do to frustrate your opportunities and life, when your time has arrived, there’s nothing not any one can sabotage you. Read the Book of Numbers 23 & 24 Chapters just keep in prayer and presence of Yaweh.

I have covered videos, recorded audio speeches of some like that of Gen Kale Kaihura, Mzee…-uhm wait for my pic with him- I love that man he has always blessed me.

There’s something however which has touched me so much, I normally tell people about the position of Uganda on the African continent and some people bring in politics and sectarianism and bias BUT today the IGP of Namibia has re-affirmed it, you know more than 13 IGPs, representative from different countries have attended this function. But this is what this man has said; he has referred UGANDA AS A PILLAR OF THE AFRICAN CONTINET. Now whether you guys want it or not, you must not despise the character and figure of Museveni in eyes of Africa and global face, this man is much cherished, feared, respected, honored and praised by most countries than you guys here. Our military might, our enduring creed and fraternity, our discipline and how much more we are willing to offer and pay for the sake of Africa makes us hold the flag and title especially knowing that the other day the one who held this position my Father Bro Col Mwamah Minyer El Bin Gadaffi is fallen under imperialists’ voltage.

Aaaaah I should not forget this also, today still I have faced off with Evangelist Robert Kayanja, ahahahaha, seated in the same tent with me alongside other Balokole powerful pastors. Kayanja has just realized seconds after we have separated behind the tent with Presidential Guards and Motorcade that it’s me the guy behind HICGI News Agency when he can no longer talk to me. We have talked shortly and immediately dispatched and his invitation to his office could result in me being arrested probably for trespass, you know very well that for the last month my News Agency Company has investigated and been running stories on him that has created a lift and panic. Exposing him with evidence as an Illuminati and now unearthing the dead sodomy cases besieging him- wow I have also realized he is a carder like me but that won’t stop us from running stories on him until he denounces Illuminati, apologize to his victims, forsake the vice and rises back from grass to Grace, not even KGB can stop us on this, may be if Mzee asks me to stop.

Our full day event has been finalized with a grand dinner at Serena Hotel with VIP’s. Wait for Audio, Video & Pictorial.

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