Prime Minister Rt Hon Dr. Ndugu Ruhaka Ruganda Meets Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

HICGI News Agency

Its said that before U.S President Hussein Barrack Obama became a leader, he met powerful people like by then U.K Prime Minister Tony Blair and Israel Prime Minister. He even went to the wailing wall in Jerusalem and left a note in which he asked God to become United States President. Indeed he became.

Its also true that when you shake hands with powerful people and those in positions of authority including tycoons, they transfer blessings and power to you and this is what is exactly happening with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin the President & Founder of Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP, Executive Director of Africa 54 & CEO of Have It Cheap Group International-HICGI. Young politician 26 who contested in Kampala Central for Parliamentary position in 2011 and he is coming back in 2016 on the same position is busy receiving blessings from International figures. From the President, Speaker of…

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