Before Mountains Were Born-Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Sermon at Ps Bweyinda Church-A MUST LISTEN!!

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Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Sermon Before Mountains Were Born

Before Mountains Were Born is a Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Sermon during a warm Sunday Night of 20th Sep 2015 at Masajja Church of Christ of Bishop David Bweyinda. The Sermon is in Luganda and it Emphasises the Prophetic Message and Role of Uganda in the Politics, Peace & Stability of Africa. The Role played by the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) in stopping a genocide that had began in South Sudan, Uganda’s Prevention of another Genocide in Burundi when President Museveni mediated talks with President Pierre Nkruziza with the opposition and the Missions of UPDF in Somalia a tusk that America got ashamed of when it was hit badly in 1993 that Ugandan Troops under AMISON/ A.U have accomplished. Kivumbi talks about Uganda’s Mission in Central Africa Republic, Rwanda & Democratic Republic of Uganda.

A keenly attentive Congregation also hears Kivumbi narrating the Pearl Habour in which Japan greatly wounded America and President Harry Trueman retaliated with striking Hiroshima & Nagasaki with Nuclear Bombs A Massacre America will never be forgiven of that claimed millions of Japanese lives.

The last 7 minutes of this sermon are in English where Kivumbi Prays for Peace in the Middle East and Asks God to end ISIL/ISIS and that He should having compassion for Dying Migrants as well as bring an end to Bokoharam. Kivumbi prays for Uganda ahead of 2016 General Elections and thanks Pastor Bweyinda for giving him an opportunity to preach.

The Scripture of the day is in book of Ps 90:2.

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kivumbi.earnest.benjamin Skype.

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