Moving Speech of Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin as Guest of Honor during Kampala Traders AGM

Moving Speech of Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin as Guest of Honor during Kampala Traders AGM at Ovino Mall. KIKAGO SACCO comprises of 500 Members and I was privileged to address the traders.

Keys Issues in President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Manifesto 2021-Uganda May God Uphold Thee.

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you my friends, and so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream, it’s a dream deeply rooted in the African Dream.
I am running for President to re-write History;
Once a nation known for Insecurity, Civil Wars, LRA, Dictators, Poverty, Catastrophes and Epidemics, HIV, Poverty, Human Rights Challenges, will shine and flourish once more.

I have a Dream that one day; Uganda will rise up and live the true meaning of her creed.

We consider these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights among which is life, liberty & pursuit of happiness.

I have a dream that 2021, our children, our women and all citizens will have the best health care system in East, Central, West and sub Saharan Africa.

I have a dream that Uganda will be able to send peace troops in all most all corners of the world.

I have a dream that energy and electricity supply will be guaranteed to all Ugandans at an affordable rate.

I am confident that there will not be a single pothole in our roads again; in fact congestion and traffic will be no more. Our infrastructure will be the best.

I am sure that the total number of jobs being created annually will be able to meet the increasing demand especially for big number of University & institution leaver and all other able bodied Ugandans.

Come 2021, when I get into power, we shall influence mechanisms of reducing gas emissions and ensure protection of the environment an climate.

We shall restore term limits and ensure democracy prevails.

We shall fight terrorism and suppression of the rights of others.

Uganda will continue to live amicably with her neighbors.
The media & Press will be empowered once more and there rights shall be observed and protected.

We shall not contain any nonsense of racism, tribalism and nepotism.

I swear, we shall jail all corrupt officials and make it hard for corruption to have a place in our nation.

We shall put in place the best system of governance for the Pearl of Africa.

We believe;
At least 95% of Ugandans will have Internet in their homes and enable affordable purchase of computers and telecommunication devices.

HIV/AIDS will drop by 90% for the first time.

All age school going children will continue going to school and equally be provided with meals and other necessities,
Our families will be Insured for important Insurance schemes.

Uganda’s economy will be stronger than any other in Africa, the Republic will emerge a super power not only in Africa.

Our Tourism industry will attract millions from all over the world. In fact Uganda will be a heaven for all categories of people, never based on religion, color, origin or language.

We shall ensure that Uganda hosts world events like The World Cup, Olympics, UN Summit, AU, CHOGM…during my term of office
We hope to be a Permanent Member on the UN Security Council.

We shall support 100% our Budget, in fact we shall cease to be dependent of Foreign Aid- we shall support Budgets of other countries.

Uganda will be the lead in Technology & Scientific Inventions, we shall lead the world.

We shall establish Africa Aeronautics Space Agency and navigate the space and deeper outer space.

“Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions — who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. Their memories are short. For they have forgotten what this country has already done; what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose, and necessity to courage.” Hussein Barrack Obama former Illinois Senator.

But I must add that as a nation, as Uganda-we shall get there.

President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Announces Deputy

Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra Rally Church in America & Europe for Kivumbi Presidential Bid 2021

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin MP Kampala Central Poster 2016Leonardo Marin-Saavedra The Latin American Anglican Church in the United States and Canada and the Reformed Catholic Church of United States, congratulate and wish Mr. Kivumbi with faith in God, success in his presidential campaign of 2021. We pray for the future of Uganda and believe that men of God should govern this beautiful nation to shine peace, brotherhood, progress and prosperity of all the sons and daughters of the Almighty who were born in this great country. Greetings and blessings… La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana de Estados Unidos y Canada y la Iglesia Catolica Reformada de Estados Unidos, felicitan a Mr. Kivumbi y le desean con la fe puesta en Dios, exitos en su campana presidencial del 2021. Nosotros oramos por el futuro de Uganda y creemos que hombres de Dios deben gobernar esa hermosa nacion para que brille la paz, fraternidad, progreso y prosperidad de todos los hijos e hijas del Todopoderoso que nacieron en este gran pais. Saludos y bendiciones…


Archbishop Leonardo praying for believers

Those are the remarks of Arch bishop Leonardo on this link on my Presidential Group that has now 10710 people.

Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra Rally Church in America & Europe for Kivumbi Presidential Bid 2021

Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra Rally Church in America & Europe for Kivumbi Presidential Bid 2021

Who is Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra?

Marin-Saavedra Leonardo Ancestry (DNA)

Leonardo Marin-Saavedra was born in Puerto Nare, Antioquia, Colombia (South America) on December 17, 1955. He was register after born in Floridablanca city, Santander. Colombia. He is Canadian Citizen. Father Name: Francisco Antonio Marin-Aguilar. Mother Name: Zoraida Saavedra-D’Silva.
DNA Marin-Saavedra Leonardo: European: 48%. America (Native American): 37%. African: 13%.

This is a medical scientific study conducted of the Archbishop Leonardo by: USA Ancestry

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Rehemah Katwere Winner of 1st Kivumbi Quiz.

Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin at VIP Lounge Office of The President of the Republic of Uganda

Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin at VIP Lounge Office of The President of the Republic of Uganda

A couple of weeks ago I conducted a quiz in which I asked the general public to tell me where this picture was taken. I received hundreds of responses from email, social media and other avenues.

Some people were near to the answer and others totally couldn’t tell.

The answer as Rehemah states it is VIP Lounge, Office of The President, Parliament Avenue Kampala Uganda.

Rehemah Katwere (1)

Allow me take this opportunity to declare Ms. Rehemah Katwere Winner of the Quiz. On this note  therefore she’s winning herself airtime worthy 2 U$, Advertising her business on our website with no time limit, and Christmas Card & 70 % & Discount on designing her a Professional Website for her Company.

Rehemah Katwere

Rehemah Katwere

I have also decided to offer the following people Christmas Cards; they will be receiving them towards the festive season.

  • Eric Kiggundu, Oslo Norway.
  • Faith-Kampala
  • Asiimwe Geofrey-Katwe
  • Florence in Bulenga
  • Habib Nduga-Wakiso
  • Rugumire Alfred
  • Yafet Monicah P.K
  • Alex Karwanga
  • Waswa Jeremiah Harmony
  • Lydia Musundi, Entebbe

Who is Rehemah Katwere?

Rehemah Katwere in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rehemah Katwere in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rehemah was born on 1st July 1983 and she lives both in United Arab Emirates & Uganda.  She holds Bachelors in Education from Makerere University. She’s a single mother of two; Raheemta Trophy 7 & Rabibah Award 5. She’s born to Hah Ssonko Balikiyah and Nantume Rehemah residents of Nabweru in Wakiso District.

Rehemah Katwere in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rehemah Katwere in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

She’s the General Manager Desert Money General Traders Ltd since 27 May 2015   located in Kasangati Gayaza rd

Desert Money deals in general trading of goods & merchandise, car hire for self-drive e& chauffer drives with in and out of the city, Import of reconditioned goods , All stationary works & sale of scholastic materials.

Rehemah also deals in Real Estate.

When I asked her why she calls her company Desert money, this is what she said.

My money is from the desert, I worked in UAE for 2 & 1/2years and I saved wisely to begin my solely owned company. Since my breadwinning job was in a desert, in the center of Dubai where I used to live in Sharja travelling for 2 hours to go for duty and covering 2hrs again after duty, the 9hrs I was meant to work and  an addition of 4 so then it looked like I had a full day duty. Surely my money is hard-earned. Am now in small scale real estate together with my business

In that desert were many think all women are engaging in dirty business, I worked legally as a Barista.

My prayer is that I keep going forward for I need to throw a leaf to many who seem un ambitious…DMGT.LTD”We deliver excellency all times””Tuende tufanye kazi na bidi”

Contact: Mobile +256702607000, Email:

Rehemah Katwere (2) Rehemah Katwere (4)

Series 1: There Powerful & The World Knows Them-Unveiling Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga

Today in Partnership with HICGI News Agency I have started series called There Powerful & The World Knows Them in which we shall be profiling smart and hard working men and women and there contribution to societies around the world.

Our first coverage is Buganda  (Katikolo)Premier Charles Mayiga who has raised more than 4 Billion in the last two years to raise Buganda on Top. He is an orator and initially conducted a powerful show on CBS FM every Friday 7:00 pm in which he opened the eyes of Baganda and Ugandans towards becoming more meaningful in the society. He has traveled around Buganda and the world to bring together the people of Buganda. He is indeed powerful and  his presence can be filled even from a distance.

I (Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin) met him recently during the Etofali Project and I shook hands with him and he blessed me for my political ambitions.

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Who is Charles Peter Mayiga?

Born: 1962 (age 52–53)

Residence: Entebbe Rd

Nationality: Ugandan

Ethnicity: Muganda

Citizenship: Uganda

Education: Makerere University

(Bachelor of Laws)

Law Development Centre

(Diploma in Legal Practice)

Occupation: Lawyer

Years active: 1996 — present

Known for: Cultural Matters

Home town: Masaka

Title: Katikkiro of Buganda

Religion: Roman Catholic

Spouse(s): Margaret Mayiga

Charles Peter Mayiga is a Ugandan lawyer cultural leader and author. He is the current Katikkiro (Prime Minister) in the government of Buganda, a constitutional monarchy in present-day Uganda. He was appointed to that position by the reigning Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda, in May 2013, replacing Engineer John Baptist Walusimbi

Background and education

Charles Peter Mayiga was born in Kasanje VillageKabonera Parish, Masaka District, Central Uganda. His parents areSsaalongo Cyprian Mukasa and Nnaalongo Rebecca Kyese Mukasa. He attended Butale Primary School andNkoni Primary School. For his O-Level education, he attended St. Henry’s College Kitovu. Later, he studied at St. Mary’s College Kisubi for his A-Level. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB), from Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and largest public university. He also holds the Diploma in Legal Practice, obtained from the Law Development Center, in Kampala Uganda’s capital city.


Starting in 1987, Charles Peter Mayiga has been working closely with the elders of the Kingdom of Buganda, sharpening his knowledge and understanding of the customs and traditions of Buganda. While still at Makerere University in the 1980s, he was one of the students who started the youth organization called Nkoba za Mbogo, a cultural association whose primary objective is to educate the Baganda youth about their culture and to support the Kabaka’s projects for the development of Buganda.

On 4 July 1991, while preparing for the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga was appointed to become the Secretary of the Council of Elders, responsible for organizing the cultural restoration. This title changed to Secretary to the Lukiiko (Parliament of Buganda), following the restoration of the Monarchy. When the Kingdom was restored in 1993, Charles Mayiga was appointed Buganda’s Minister of Information & Official Spokesman for the Kingdom. He served in that capacity until he was appointed Katikkiro of Buganda in May 2013.

Other responsibilities

Charles Mayiga is a Law Partner in the company called Buwule Mayiga & Company Advocates, based in Kampala, Uganda’s . He has been married to Margaret Mayiga, an alumnus of Trinity College Nabbingo, since 1987.He is the author of a book titled King On The Throne, which chronicles the first 16 years (1993–2009) of the reign of His Majesty Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda.

Published works

  • Buganda ku Ntikko. Prime Time Communications. 2013.
  • King On The Throne: The story of the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda. Prime Time Communications. 2009.


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