National Security Surveillance is an Option-Kivumbi on Record TV

Kivumbi Earnest on Record TV Over Insecurity (11) - Copy

On Tue 21st March 2017 I appeared on Record TV with my host Kalanzi Chrispus
Key Points
1- We should think about grunting Government to listen to our conversations (National Security Surveillance Program)
2- Some times its not politics but Deals
3- Bodaboda Industry must be regulated
4- New Law on Guns Must be Made
5- Religious Leaders are not playing their role properly.
6- We must increase our defense budget.


Kivumbi on Record TV 21ST 03 2017

Thanks for Standing with us when we lost Senga Harriet Nakimbugwe

Twebaza nnyo Ba’Taata, Basenga nabuli muntu yenna olwokuyimilila wamu naffe nokutuzikilako egulo nabuli buyambi nakubudabudibwa kwona lwetwafilidwa Senga Harriet Nakimbugwe owa Princess Scovia me Angella eyabakuza. Ebanja lyemituwoze denne nnyo ela Katonda abadize WO byonna. Mukama abawe omukisa. Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
NB This is appreciation for your support when we lost Aunt Harriet Nakimbugwe (English Speakers)

RIP Harriet Nakimbugwe