City Tycoon’s Son Kyambadde Splashes money at Wedding.

Tarzan & Margaret Kyambadde members of Acrobatic Mission Fellowship a wealthy christian club comprising of Top Kampala Christian Business Men & Women has organised a multi-million wedding for their elder son Titus Kyambadde who wedded Lillian last weekend 14th October at Namirembe Cathedral and later hosted over 1000 guests at their hotel Rockstone Gardens in Wakiso for reception.

The wedding attracted members of Acrobatic and city pastors who were refreshed by juicy ushers every after 5 minutes. Pianist Mayanja Henry & Comedians Rat from Akandolindoli entertained the guests.

Acrobatic Mission Fellowship was led by Mr. Najja Nsubuga the chairman and Mr. Richard Kiwanuka, Semakula Edward, Afayo Kayemba, Majwega Kironde of MK Publishers, Sarah Kawesa, Sarah Kirabo of Lungujja Progressive, Jackie Assimwe and many more.

Ps Joseph Kabuye of New Deliverance Church on Salama road asked friends and relatives of the couple to give them at least two years without visiting in order to enjoy themselves.

President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with AIG Elizabeth Muwanga1Assistant Inspector General of Police-AIGP-rtd Elizabeth Muwanga with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin at the wedding.President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with AIG Elizabeth Muwanga5

Titus Kyambadde wedding (1)

Tarzan  & Margaret Kyambadde 

Titus Kyambadde wedding (2)

Mark Nyombi brother to groom during service at Namirembe Cathedral at their wedding

Titus Kyambadde wedding (3)

Titus Kyambadde wedding (4)

The couple in a self drive pose  in company of other 6 self driving car entourage.

Titus Kyambadde wedding (5)Titus Kyambadde wedding (7)Titus Kyambadde wedding (8)

The Kyambadde’s have had there children in the last 5 years wed in powerful weddings. These include, Maggie, Mark Nyombi and Aggie.The Couple also own Mukono Resort Hotel, Fashion Wear Shop on Luwum Street, TEM School Beauty and many more properties.

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Africans facing the Genocide of  Contraceptives-Kivumbi Address to 4000 University Students before IGP-Happy Independence Day UG.

Africans facing the Genocide of  Contraceptives

Happy Independence Day Uganda.

Greetings from Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin.
I would like to use this public holiday to share with u part of my audio address on 1st Oct 2017 before 4000 University Students from various institutions in the country who gathered at Nkumba University play ground during the 3rd Annual Uganda Police Day Celebrations in Entebbe.

The theme as tabled by Prof Tarsis Kabwejere former Minister and other intellectuals chaired by Uganda Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kaihura Kalekyezi was “Crisis in the African Society Solutions at micro level” inspired me to attack elements in the West wiping the African race through Contraceptives. Attached is the audio podcast after IGP speech and as I continued to unearth there agenda amidst thunderous cheers from the audience I emphasized the urgency to stop the dangerous contraceptives. Gen Kale latter called me to recognise my moving oratory address.

A renown Pan africanist Dr. Kihura Nkumbwa added that the planed parenthood agenda is a satanic free Masonry n Illuminati sponsored American and engineered movement which President Trump also negates among which tajea legal abortion, sexual orientation and others.

In the pic is I & the IGP when Police celebrated 100 years at Kololo Airstrip. Gen Kale played a gospel music video that day which moved me and police bosses from more than 40 countries who came.
Kale is widely looked at M7 right had man and greatly responsible for the survival of the regime especially in wake of the Arab Spring which took several long serving leaders which also Uganda Opposition Figure Dr. Kizza Besigye Warren Kifefe had borrowed in the Walk to Work Protests later to be quashed by Gen Kale.

He is a personal friend and we meet on national functions and others times including last week on Tue at the Common Wealth Speke Resort Munyonyo where he addressed 140 University Guild Heads.

Kaihura has also been attacked in the wake of Multiple killings of women lately but has stood moments of even when it seems stormy. He formed 11 million “army” of Crime Preventers Movement to assist the police…Read more: