Because We Care; Kivumbi on Donating Blood.


Some times Healing The Planet doesn’t only require our Money, Time & Ideas, that’s why giving our own life is a denotative exception.

I got touched when we came back from Masaka Kinoni on Fri from burial of a friend’s sister, an accident claimed 10 people on the road but medical reports show that many victims die because of losing much blood and in health centres they’re taken also don’t have enough blood.

Its against this background that I donated blood yesterday Mon 4th Dec 2027 at Bunyonyi Gardens in Kololo. You can join me too and donate blood to save lives this Christmas Holiday.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
President Heal The Planet Global Organisation -HTP

NB in the pic is Mummy Kitandwe one of the Senior Medical Staff from Mengo Hospital with me in Kololo after the Blood Donation19caea7d-5d7c-4a30-a658-1a22fa129e5539bce481-7fd2-41e8-8da2-632dac94d342234f607d-040a-4172-a434-61ce37175c84Baguma David Commends Kivumbi on Donating Bloodced9e6bc-59c7-46b2-89e2-37314628310b



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