Kivumbi Receives Damac Officials, Hold Meeting at Office of the President.


“Investing in Dubai through me is Directly Supporting Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP” Kivumbi

Kampala, Uganda

This week I received Business Associates from Damac Properties based in Dubai. We organised meetings at Protea Hotel Kampala, Uganda with possible leads and met with several senior citizens in Uganda including President Museveni’s Aide Malcom Isaac Bulamu at Office of The President Board Room, Personal Assistant to First Lady Janet Museveni and other Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament aswell as Business people who needed information oh how to invest in Damac Properties both in United Arab Emirates, Dubai & London.

Am the official Agent of Damac Properties in E. Africa with a signed contract and am trying to close deals so that I raise funds for Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP which am the President-

In Order to close deals and I benefit do whatsapp me on +256773137566 and I will introduce you to Gulzina in Dubai my immediate Manager and we shall take you to Dubai to tour Damac Properties, Do Not contact the website direct which is just view it for purposes on information but go great dela sand to enable us benefit, contact, you can whatsapp  Gulzina Myrzakmatova
Relationship Manager

P.O.Box:2195, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
T: +97148183300
E:         and we shall call you back.

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Remember, just contact her alone and introduce yourself and mention me Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin and we shall be in business. We shall give you all brochures, pdf, books and much more.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (1)

President Museveni Aide Malcolm I saac Bulamu with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin being given a presentation by Mr. Kishan Kumar Damac Business Development Manager at Office of the President of Uganda

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (2)Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (3)Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (4)Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (5)Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (6)Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (7)Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Parth & Kishan Kumar (8)WhyDubai_WhyDamac