Following Pastors Akabinkano on Bukedde TV

Following Program on Bukedde TV now, Prof Simeon, Ps Sempa & Ps Mondo. Thanks for Kabinkano. Producer Noordeen n host Mr. Seruga.

2 comments on “Following Pastors Akabinkano on Bukedde TV

  1. THANKS for keeping me UPDATED. It is my Episcopal Prayer that GOD WILL be GLORIFIED as you LEAD His PEOPLE to ACCEPT their inheritance in JESUS!

    God is leading me to BUNGOMA (Kenya), Nairobi and Uganda to PREACH (NOT as a Theologian – that is the responsibility of a Pastor) but as an ENCOURAGER!

    PLEASE keep in contact via and PREFIX your SUBJECT KINE with AFRICA TV so that it has PRIORITY in my 8=600 – 1000 emails EVERY DAY



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