My Incredible Trip in Asia Nov 12-16 2019

Tonight am bringing you incredible Images of my Trip to Asia right from Entebbe International Airport, Flights, Bore International Airport, Ghandi International Airport and back. Taken from deepest angels assisted by pals, I can not speak more than them since pictures speak 1000 thousands. This is it ladies and gentlemen; Uganda, Ethiopia & India as well as Airspace of Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Yemen,Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait,Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally New Delhi. I was invited by Government of India. I was joined latter by HTP officials Suzan Namukose Lubogo & Brenda Naigaga.

I also met my great friends Awarding Winning Journalist Culton Scovia Nakamya, Dr Ruth Grace K, Dr Muhereza, Carol Nanziri, Iranian Specialist Dr. Kima Rahmati, Ethiopia’s Heart Surgeon Dr. Shibikom and many more connected by Indian Government. I signed several Business Agreements and deals from Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP, Africa at Heart, Have It Cheap Group International, HICGI News Agency and others.

Polite Disclaimer

The Images taken are strictly for Business and Social purposes (Fun). No miss representation whatsoever must be adhered to and permission for use both online and print must be by me personally. These image are for free but strongly protected by KEB International Group- KIG and Internationals laws on privacy. For more info about this disclaimer send email to or call +256702137566 or visit
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Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin