7 things I ask Sevo to do amidst COVID tension.

On Mzee’s Tuesday address.

Last time I tried to convince pals near H.E to ask him keep truck drivers outside till tested but the President wasn’t buying my idea but with time he understood me.

Today ahead of his address on Tue I have a few things to tell him. I thought I would write 600 words guest article in DM of NV but time couldn’t allow me so let me be brief here;
1- I would like the President to painfully keep the country open for Work and public transport due to staggering economy.
2 – Carry out mass testing in peoples’ homes and places of work starting from Kampala, Wakiso and boarder districts.
3- Distribute more musks and food to the communities.
4- Cease to arrest and detain people in police custody on petty crimes as this triggers transmission.
5- Involve UPDF in the struggle.
6- Borrow HIV approach strategy he used on COVID too.
7- Fund scientists for breakthrough cure.


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

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