virus can’t be traced back to specific individuals – Kampala is in Phase 4.

  1. Kampala is in Phase 4 of the epidemic progression. It is called Uncontrolled Phase. The virus can’t be traced back to specific individuals.
  2. The health system is overstretched…beyond capacity. The labs are strained and therefore delayed results. The patient bed capacity is filled up.
  3. The disease is virulent. It causes a fast progressing pneumonia. A patient who came at 10am talking and coughing by 4pm is in a severe condition warranting ICU care.
  4. Without scaring you, in the current situation, you are responsible for your health. Gov’t is now responsible and prioritizing finding hospital space for the sick and burial grounds for the dead. You as an individual and a family are responsible for protecting yourself (use the face mask, practice hand washing, avoid crowds, know the signs and symptoms of the disease)
    • Face mast – reduces transmission rates. Type K95, fabric masks. Put the mask over your nose and mouth.
    • the onus is on you to protect yourself.
    • just because many people are going to get the infection you don’t have to be one of them
    • no place is safe. Workplaces, homes, markets etc. Reduce the visitors/ people coming to your home.
    • avoid crowds.
    • COVID is killing people because people are in denial. Some refuse to allow specimen to be taken early and resort to private facilities from where they are eventually transferred to government treatment centres.
    • stop feeling like getting COVID is a shame. Take precaution for those around you, don’t hide your status/ families status. Self stigma and social stigma are propagated by individuals don’t be the one doing it.
  5. With elections going on, the crowds are a risk factor. Its observed that since NRM primaries there is an increase in the number of districts reporting new COVID cases
  6. What is used in clinical management
  • Oxygen
  • Dexamethasone,
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Azithromicin
  • Vitamin D

All don’t attack the virus they help the body rebuild and keep off the other opportunistic infections e.g bacteria.

Drugs that attack the virus

  • Convalescent plasma treatment which is under trial.
  • Regeneron also used for Ebola

All treatment must be used under monitored use of the medication by a qualified medical practitioner. Do not self medicate.

  1. Lockdown or no lockdown?
  • Govt will focus on managing/ balancing health and economy.
  • Govt is focused on educating the people about the disease and hoping they take responsibility and do their part to observe SOPS. If you get symptoms get a test.
  1. One common disability after recovery from COVID is chronic fatigue. Which affects productivity and performance. Requires pulmonary physiotherapy.
  2. To strengthen immunity. Focus on getting a balanced diet. Do exercise. Cut down on alcohol and smoking. Don’t damage your lungs with alcohol and smoking and when you get COVID your lungs are already weak.
  3. Home care. There’re no official guidelines for home care for positive cases.
    -but some people test positive, are not sick and hospitalized.These need to eat properly I.e balanced diet and do lung exercises while. If they observe a downward trend report to hospital.