You mean a lot to me Zambali B Mukasa; Happy BD.

“While we were but few in numbers, wandering from…” Psalms 105:12-15

You’re key in my political journey. This I will not forget , something you told me last year when I asked you why you gave me the biggest media coverage on 90.8 Metro fm where you worked as a news editor at the time I served as PDP Deputy Spokesman in (2010-2011). Your answer was, “I saw a young man who kept knocking on media stations doors, “ you emphasised “Kivumbi you disturbed us so much, asking us to run your stories. I eventually told the news room, just cover anything from him.”

This I didn’t know why but people kept asking why is Metro covering your weekly News conferences with bytes from Thursday-Sunday.

Happy birthday my brother.

Meeting Sevo; Divine Agenda?

10 years ago exactly around this time,the President of the most powerful nation in Africa gave me a one on one engagement, Iam humbled yesterday Wednesday 10th February 2021 I returned in the same place to listen to the same man who won my heart on the African agenda. You’re a great leader President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

My 2011 Jan 11 meeting with Sevo at State House Entebbe.
President in a group photo with my delegation.