Parenting – Entanda from Mrs Samalie Lwanyaga

The pupils I taught in 1970 when I first joined the profession were completely different from the pupils I taught in the 1990s. There was a great sense of respect for elders.
The issue is about parenthood, parents have lost it. The other day I lashed out to a mother who I found bathing her 2 kids of 12 and 9 years in public. You’re exposing them to the bad people.

Mrs Samalie Lwanyaga & we.

Now that you’re parents, I request you to raise the children in the fear of God. I should also tell you this; mother don’t make a mistake to give any money to children in case they approach you without consulting the father. As he pays school fees and other responsibilities to the children, he may not give extra upkeep. If you decide to consult the father, the child will learn not to come to you again but will know mother and father are one. This will not create mum – dad’s favourite.

God knows why he has taken almost 7 years to give you the first child. Never ask why He didn’t do it immediately.

Words of Mrs Samalie Lwanyaga, Director Star Primary and Nursery Schools, visiting Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia