3rd May , UN honoured me in Best 5 Ugandan Journalists 2021

Days before 3rd May 2021, I was in Soroti, Eastern Ugandan for some days mentoring a training for Journalists on Climate change and I saw a post in the Youth Coalition for SDGs whatsgroup calling for nomination of journalists and why they should be awarded on World Press Freedom Day 2021. I suggested a name of a journalist I thought can be awarded and left it that way.


What I didn’t know is, the’re men and women who are trucking my coverage and stories I publish at HICGI News Agency for years. I run these stories by abbreviated name “ E K Benj”

I left Soroti and while in Jinja doing Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP work I received a phone call from a colleague “Earnest you have been nominated for this year on best 5 Ugandan Journalists to be awarded by United Nations!”

When I opened my phone, I froze reading multiple reasons why I was being nominated. That’s when I came to realise that the world watches over every small and big thing we do, wether bad or good. Some times they may not say thank you or you’re hurting us but they keep it at heart knowing one day they will react.

Now close to 50 people wrote about me for they keep trucking different things I have been doing in the last 10 years and they were recommending that UN awards me with 3 other Ugandan Journalists in honour of our work. I was humbled that the best way we can know what people think of us is not when we are around but what they say about us when we’re not around.

Today 3rd July am saying thank you for the people who nominated me, thanks United Nations for awarding me, congratulations NTVs Ali Mivule, NBS’s Mildred Tuhaise, New Vision’s Gerald Tenywa & Spark TVs Jocylenn Nakibuule

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