Kivumbi 2016


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Campaign Poster for Kampala Central Member of Parliament 2016

Because We Love Our City

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Prophecy of Dr Miller Kennedy on Hon Kivumbi at Masajja Redeemed Church

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Prophecy of Dr Miller Kenedey on Kivumbi

Prime Minister Rt Hon Dr. Ndugu Ruhaka Ruganda Meets Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

HICGI News Agency

Its said that before U.S President Hussein Barrack Obama became a leader, he met powerful people like by then U.K Prime Minister Tony Blair and Israel Prime Minister. He even went to the wailing wall in Jerusalem and left a note in which he asked God to become United States President. Indeed he became.

Its also true that when you shake hands with powerful people and those in positions of authority including tycoons, they transfer blessings and power to you and this is what is exactly happening with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin the President & Founder of Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP, Executive Director of Africa 54 & CEO of Have It Cheap Group International-HICGI. Young politician 26 who contested in Kampala Central for Parliamentary position in 2011 and he is coming back in 2016 on the same position is busy receiving blessings from International figures. From the President, Speaker of…

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Kivumbi Interview with The Observer Journalist Zurah Nakabugo

On 7th Sep 2015 The Observer News Paper in Uganda published  in its headlines and full article of my candidancy for Kampala Central Parliamentary Race 2016. Zula Nakabugo interviewed me for close to an hour and today i’m bringing you the audio recording in a video format of unedited dialogue. Read also and

E.K. Benjamin Speaks Out on Own Whats up Group.


And while Jesus was on His mission many people stampled  and left and he called on his disciples and said DO U ALSO WANT TO GO? And Peter said where shall we  go? You’re the giver of life.

Friends, since we started this group of my Bid for Kampala Central  2016, 37 people have left out of 100. Thanks to those who have expressed support to me and I would like to ask like Jesus are there also others who want to go? Then go ahead but I must tell you that this will not break my spirit, my heart for my city will not be disheartened. This is chance for me to tell who is who on my side.
Am amazed some of us do not know how to mute sound on incoming messages, we should learn how to use our smart phones.
And this NBS guy who has left complaining, just go, please go and never come back. You will look for me to give u bites and i’m telling u i will not give u.
Our President son of Mzee Amos Kaguta (rip) did not need an entire Uganda to reclaim his dreams. There were only 37 bold people who believed in him and followed him.

I don’t mind standing alone in this group, my heart and hope will not be moved.

Thanks Hon Frank Kagigi Tumwebaze Minister in Charge of Presidency who has been defending me in this group. We shall prove once more that the true creed of our meaning lies in our enduring fraternity and solidarity.

Where’s Jesus was deserted and latter alone rejected by the very people He performed miracles daily to the extend that His burial only attracted 3 people yet multitudes he helped would have been there, He became the most powerful and famous person ever lived in the history of the world that even Today billions across the world believe and confess His name and that The Bible is the world’s best selling book of all time and that the name Jesus is majorly quoted in it.

How about me who has10000 followers on facebook n 10000 visitors on my website. My google plus has 120,000 hits, Wikipedia has published about me, Google Images and Search results has much of me, Youtube has 50 videos of me. Radio stations have hosted me including BBC and CBS. Televisions have covered me including Aljazeera and CNN. News Papers in Uganda and all over the world have published me and with all this and God I can conquer the world, I can fly without wings, my destiny is tied up with sucess and my dreams will come true. My future is brighter and I can stand against all odds.

Thanks, thanks much my unconditional fans, thanks so much my people and friends. Thanke and May God bless Kampala city, God bless Uganda, God bless Africa.

E. K Benjamin

Jullie Deborah Health Rescue Project

Thanks to all of you who turned up for the Julie Deborah healthy condition consultative meeting. To those who never made it, take it easy, we can understand. Our next meeting is scheduled on Thursday 24th Sept 15 at Pope Paul Hotel. Agenda: Launching a strategic fundraising drive that will enable her to be taken abroad for a better medical attention and Operation as its recommended by her doctor. Yrs. Bp David Kiganda.

Who is Julie Deborah?

She’s a Uganda gospel artist who has touched millions of lives in her music talent.

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Princess Scovia Kivumbi at Burial on Uganda Kenya Boarder.

Princess Scovia Kivumbi Returns from Kenya-Ugandan Boarder.


Mom Knite in casket at Mbuya Catholic Church

Last Friday evening Africa’s Future First Lady Princess Scovia Kivumbi 22 returned from Busia 190 miles on Uganda Kenyan Boarder she went on Wednesday at burial of Mama Knight who was laid to rest in Busia at the home of his surviving husband. Knight the mother of Basket ball star Carlos Olake and aunt to Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin passed on last Tuesday night at Uganda National referral hospital Mulago.


Mom night in one of de pics with sisters including Kivumbi mom

Hundreds turned up for burial including Princess Kivumbi.


Kivumbi made speech on behalf of the family during mass in Mbuya.


Priest preaching during mass


Princess Scovia Kivumbi

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His Touch Night with Hon E . K Benjamin at Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Church

HICGI News Agency

Kivumbi at PS Irene Manjeri Church Kivumbi at PS Irene Manjeri Church

His Touch Night with Hon E . K Benjamin

Friday Night 9/11 2015 was an incredible! I was privileged to have been dropped by my special friend Pastor Stephen Kawesa together with his wife of Yesu Akwagala Ministries and Seguku/ Kawempe Worship Center. God has blessed these people; they have branches in Lira, Arua, Soroti and so many other places. In theirTX Prado, they dropped me, my wife Princess Scovia Kivumbi& my mom Queen Esther Nasuna Favor.

I had sent a dozens of posts on my Whatsup No +256773137566, my Skype, Instagram, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social media about the Night I was to minister at the church of Pastor Irene Manjeri Katongole Nalongo a city Billionaire and Philanthropist in Kitende Kajjansi, Kitiko on Entebbe High way Wakiso District. This woman of God who operates in Miracles and Healing and has traveled…

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