Kivumbi Reacts to TV & Radio Star on Relationship with Angella Katatumba.

Angella K n KivumbiAngella Katatumba n KivumbiAngella Katatumba n President KivumbiTV & Radio Star Propels Kivumbi Explain Relationship with Angella Katatumba
For me I was just laughing, I kept on laughing at how the world was dragged to believe that I’ve had a romantic relationship with African celebrity Angella Katatumba as TV & Radio star Katongole Omutongole flashed repeatedly images of me with Angella on Bukedde TV and convinced 21 million viewers that indeed I have before been in love and going out with this music star.

On lies Lyndon B Johnson former U.S President dragged America into war that turned to be the famous Vietnam War that broke out on 1st November 1975 but also last Wednesday 27th August 2014 at 11:03pm on Bukedde TV immediately after the famous AGATALIKO NFUFU News; images of me with Miss Katatumba started flashing on the screen as Katongole in his over dose segment wondered who is going out with Angella these days following my emotional regular hangouts with her.
Employing smart profession ethics and codes, he was just simply gentle enough to use words like kupepeya which connotatively be perceived as going out of course not just casual but in  a romantic relationship. Soft spoken fellow for more than 7 minutes made it real that I and Angella have before been in love!
Well, for the last couple of days I had chosen to take a French leaf from all these stories but as more phone calls come to me I simply don’t just have to let go though ignoring is one other trick Robert Green in his Book 48 Laws of Power recommends politicians like me to employ and indeed my Mzee, Kaguta Y Museveni sometimes just ignores certain people and remarks. Nevetheless today I have to make statement;

Yes, not once, not twice-I have appeared with Angella. Yes the pictures we took to many of you could be interpreted differently depending on how you wish too but we’ve never been in a relationship. Yes she is a pretty and may be I should say I at one time had a crush on her, but who has never had a crush in life- from as early as 9 years boys and girls get crushes, its just normal and the Bible doesnt negate it. Even married people do get crushes, may be to there work mates, classmates and I have also meet young women who have confessed having crush on me.

But I must say it all went, she’s still a friend to me but have not met for many months now. Today am sinply happy in my relationship with Princess Namalwa, both o us are looking forward to our wedding on 14th December 2014. We all deeply love each other and thats all I can say. Angella Katatumba? We’ve not had romantic relationship before.
Who is Angella Katatumba?

Angella Katatumba is Ugandan Singer and Songwriter. Daughter to Billionaire H.E Bonny Katatumba, a Ugandan consul to Pakistan.
Angella Katatumba is also the only daughter among a family of eight children for the Katatumbas. She is a playful and quite stubborn lady. Who had a good academic life and was always number one.

Angella is also the twin of Rugiirwa Allan Katatumba, she did part of her secondary education at Katatumba Academy in Western Uganda Mbarara and the other in Vancouver, Canada. There after she  went to Oxford Brookes University in England, where she attained a degree in Economics, a Law degree and a Masters in human resource management. Upon completing her last degree, Katatumba was blessed to work for famous Hollywood actor and singer Isaac Hayes, as an assistant general manager for his Chicago restaurant called Isaac Hayes. It was from Chicago that Angella also got to meet a number of music stars like R.Kelly, Alicia keys who inspired into music
She has also been the Managing Director of Hotel Diplomat located at Tank Hill in Muyenga which is part of the Katatumba Group of companies..
Angela Katatumba is one of the popular but silent Ugandan artists who have for the past done a number of good music projects for the Ugandan music industry.
Evident from a caring and loving heart for her people, Angela for her past has done a number of music projects featuring peace reconciliation and help for the needy.
Angela is also a founder of the charity organization called Angella Katatumba Development Foundation that was started to raise funds to help the need y people in northern Uganda a part that has been affected by wars and unsettlement for the past 23 years.
Angella has done songs like , Let Me, Peace, I Live for You,For You Gulu, Let Me, Sikyetaga  one of her most popular and first ever hit tunes,  .
Angella has also had some collaborations with popular Artists Like Buchaman in a song twagala emilembe (Peace), Bebe Cool sikyetaga where she and munene were talking about now accepted love ,
Angella has since 2005 never made any step back, her One Minute Man made it all for in her only and first year of music. Angella got it even bigger with Buchaman in the peace song so much more with Bebe cool.
In a reminder about Angella’s music background, At 17, while at a university in the UK, Katatumba won a talent show and impressed her dean of students, so much that he gave her number out to wedding organisers to hire her to sing. At the height of this stint, Katatumba was making up to 300 pounds at Ponanas, Oxford.
Angella has for the past done a number of fund raising for the people in Gulu and was the only artist and lady chosen by the international community to compose and make a song that could be a way to restore hope and peace for the people in Gulu, Better Listen To the song For You Gulu.
Angella is looking forward into charity. She has got much more involved in projects that are going to empower the people of northern Uganda and Gulu. She in the past handed over assets worth over 10M Uganda shillings to Rwot Achan the traditional leader of Gulu.
Angella is currently working as Diplomat is The Katatumba Group of companies.
He has met and worked with powerful figures like Former ICC Prosecutor  Luis Moreno Ocampo however little is known about his love life.

Well thats My Angella that TV & Radio star has made millions to accept that indeed we have had a relationship before.