Listen to Kivumbi Talkshow on Salam TV-KCCA Politics

Kivumbi on Salam TV

Tonight I present to you my Thursday night 25th February 2016 on Salam TV a sister channel of NBS TV. my host Mukibi alongside a tough FDC man make the studio hot with a heated Debate on Kampala take over the Opposition yet I insist were still in control as the NRM government. Enjoy, share and Download. CLICK HERE

Kivumbi Joins Museveni for NRM 29 Aniversary in Soroti

The Commander in Chief of the Toughest Army in Africa (UPDF) also known as America of Africa as well as the President of the Most Powerful Nation in Africa His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has a few hours ago addressed thousands at Soroti Sports Ground a few meters from the Airstrip. Today 29th Jan 2014 marks the 29th Anniversary of National Resistance Movement-NRM seeing its breakthrough in the Political Dynamics of Africa through its National Resistance Army-NRA by-then after a protracted guerrilla war that lasted more then 6 years.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin founder & President of Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP, Executive Director Africa 54 & CEO/ President Have It Cheap Group International-HICGI is speaking live to HICGI News Agency based in Soroti 302 KM from Ugandan Capital Kampala where these celebrations are taking place.

“I arrived late last night here in Soroti after an 8 hour journey from Kampala shortly prior to the wedding of my long time comrade Sembatya Faisal who was introduced on Saturday by his fiancee in Namboole-Kireka where I attended with my wife Princess Scovia Kivumbi. Soroti is a very clean and nice looking city and am here for the second time where i spent night last year before taking a private plane with Princess Scovia to Boma Ground is Kalamoja where we celebrated the International Youth Day with His Excellency still. ” Kivumbi Speaking.

HICGI News Agency: How is the function?

Kivumbi: Not bad except that good accommodation places where all full and I didn’t enjoy my night but its quite cool here at the grounds and am enjoying alongside this parade that has endured the scorching heat for the last 9 hours.

Museveni has given an account of how far Uganda has come from and the achievements of NRM government under him. He is pleased that Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF is doing well since it took over the NAADS Program and that infrastructure develoment is promising.

Shortly before his speech a strong whirl storm disrupted the event lifting a lot of dust, rubbish and taking of people’s capes all over the storm. Kivumbi reported this storm on the Women’s Day celebrations in March 2014 which he attended in Kumi. See story here.

Kivumbi’s friends Hon Mululi Mukasa Minister of Security has been the Master of Ceremony

igp-gen-kale-kaihura-with-kivumbi-earnest-benjamin2 Kivumbi with IGP Kale Kaihura during 100 years police celebration at Kololo Airstrip

Princess Namalwa introduced to UG Security Minister Hon Mululi Mukasa-President Kivumbi Earnest BenjaminKivumbi with Ptincess Scovia Kivumbi & Hon Minister Mululi  Mukasa at Club Lounge in Kampala during NRM Youth Party

His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni & Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin in State House EntebbeKivumbi with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at Entebbe State House on Jan 12th 2014

Kivumbi in a  Private Plane

Daily Monitor Engaged in Intellectual Debate about Alleged Biased Headline with Kivumbi.

Saturday ImageMonitor I cite a number of issues with your Headline today; from the interpretation and understanding  of several readers you portray bias and side with the parties involved “REBEL MPS” No 1, Your intention of having it as headline, Your intention for the survey/Interviews and your hidden stand on the subject. There would be no need for you to say “Voters” back. Did your criteria require those interviewed to have voter I.Ds? You assume powers of E.C which is responsible to organize and announce results by so concluding voters. I wonder how much billions you spent in the constituencies to get all voters positions! Your selection of candidates pictures smiling is also philosophical!  Using the phrase “they” is questionable. Well i would think your headline would have been A Couple of people Give Views on Rebel MP Eviction Ahead of Possible By-election. Am sorry i hope  you wont cease publishing about me for being spectical about your headline because am your fan and a possible candidate in this by election for Kampala Central.