Am ganna be Star FM this Saturday.

Yesterday I was hosted on the National Radio , Star Fm to demystify the Presidential Address Amidst Corona Virus Tensions. The show will run on Saturday 21st March 2020 from 1-2pm on 87.5FM , please tune in if you can.
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Kivumbi in Kumi for International-Women’s Day 2014

Kivumbi in Kumi for International-Women’s Day 2014


At 01:02am East Africa standard time, I touched Kumi District, 200 miles east of the Ugandan capital on Coordinates 0.29’24″N 33.56’06″E. Am here to mark the International Women’s Day, celebrate with the people who understand me extra-big. The Road between Bukedi and Kumi is extremely dusty because of the construction taking place but this hasn’t killed my passion and enthusiasm. At the age of 24 am still speechless, humbly moved and deeply marveled by the impact women have made in my life- ladies, I can’t just stop believing in you and allow me say happy Women’s day.

Extra reporting

Speaking on this day moments later after Inspecting the Guard of Honor, the president of the most powerful nation in Africa Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says “much as women should be empowered in every sector including avoiding discrimination of every kind against them, women should always remain respectful to men. Having much wealth doesn’t call for women to forget their position and role in the family.” Janet Museveni is my financial controller given to me freely by God, women should be men’s financial controllers in a family- mzee adds.

He responds to United Nation’s Representative on Women Issues in Uganda; “we have passed over that, Uganda pays women as per there work, we do not under pay them in fact many of them earn more than men.”

His Excellency on the road between Bukedi and Kumi ,  has said it will soon be completed and adds that most of our roads have been constructed with our own money except a few donations from development partners. He has pledged to support and a numbers of groups and made various donations. “Proper roads will boom trade just like I have seen goods in transit vehicle with Congolese number plate while coming.” The president has added.

Museveni has hailed UPDF as a tough army and commended the UPDF women parade commanded by women who have stood for 11 hours in the scotching heat. He has awarded the Independence Jubilee & Nalubaale Medals of honor. He has equally promoted two female UPDF officers to another rank as well as a Police woman. The music band comprising of UPDF, Police & Prison officers has courageously performed for hours.

Here at Wiggin Secondary School where the function is taking place are hundreds of thousands of people including exhibitors, school children, women groups, Cultural & Religious leaders, Diplomats, Members of Parliament, Government VIP’s including VP,  Chief Justice, Speaker of Parliament, IGP, UPDF Generals, Cabinet Ministers and so many others. I don’t know why Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is not here yet all his colleagues in Government have turned up!

Drama at the Venue

The president has described the whirl wind that has attacked him shortly after standing on his podcast to address the nation as a ghost of a herd’s man. The oval shaped making wind has stood so swiftly lifting a lot of dust and rolling the red carpet as well as carrying dirt prompting his aides to clean his seat and carpet causing a short time of silence.

Additional notes

My journey in the Teso region has been of deep profundity, I’ve enjoyed my stay; having dinner with UPDF Generals, Cabinet Ministers  at an MP’s residence and travelling back to Kampala alongside Women Members of Parliament amidst tight security has made me smile. Big ups Uganda Government for my Invitation- it’s been cool siting with VIP’s next to the president’s tent at the venue.