Arab World Has Roots from the Bible; Kivumbi Full Speech During Launch of Moslem Voice Project at Hotel Africana.

Arab World Has Roots from the Bible; Kivumbi Full Speech During Launch of Moslem Voice Project at Hotel Africana.


25th October 26, 2013

Am grateful for the invitation and the opportunity given to me to make my remarks in respect of the Launch of Moslem Voice Project under the theme of “The role of Muslim community in Nation building: Have they equitably benefited from their efforts.”

My name is Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, The Founder & President of Heal The Planet Global Organisation; am a young politician ran for MP Kampala Central in the last elections.

My roots with the moslem community is so deep and became deeper when I read in the words of scriptures about the origin of the Arabs. The Bible makes it clearly that when Prophet Ibrahim as you call him fathered a son by the name of Ishmael in Hagar a slave woman, God did not take the life of the baby boy, instead sent an angel in the wilderness created a fountain of water to offer to the thirst lad and a prophecy was made upon him that he would be a great nation thus the emergency of the Arab world. If therefore God allowed and knew the raise and future of the Arab community, its therefore wrong to oppose and fight Muslims.

I have held an exclusive Interview outside there with our Guest of Honor from the American Embassy and posed various questions of US relations with the Arab world and Islam.

The world must distinguish between Terrorism and Islam a religion that advocates for peace and love.

It still lingers and disturbs my mind why you Muslims around the world are still divided. Am surprised every year as you send pilgrims around the world to the Holy Mecca & Medina in Saudi Arabia an Islamic nation which has continued to side with enemies of fellow moslems to kill innocent people in  Syria. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are making a grave mistake to fight Assad and kill innocent moslems.

I have greatly challenged US & her allies for attacking and killing Col Mwamah Minyer El-Bin Gadaffi, we have opposed the over throw of President Mohammad Mousse this is not fair.

Your Hon sir I beg to sit down but we must know that there’s a lot our fellow moslems have contributed towards nation building and I a Born Again Christian has had good relations with moslems.

Thanks so much for listening to me.


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Heal The Planet & HICGI sends deepest condolences to all victims of Alshabab deadly attacks at West Gate Mall in the Kenyan capital.

We stand with relatives and friends of those who have lost loved ones. This spirit of East African fraternity and solidarity in this trauma stand still and strong. We however thank God for hundreds of survivors; our prayers go to those hospitalized and suffered injuries as a result of these coward atrocities committed by Alshabab.

We recognize the support of the international community in this regard and we make our strong pleas to the countries whose forces have been deployed in ensuring peace and stability of Somalia. The A.U/ AMISSON troops fighting Alshabab must not back off. We must fight to the bitter ends to set free our brothers and sisters under the tyranny of the militia in the horn of Africa.

Kenya intelligence has an obligation however and is tusked to explain the series of events leading to West Gate attack from surveillance or communications of these perpetrators prior to the attacks.

This is an attack on East Africa, both Uganda, Tanzania as well as Kenya have drunk the bitter liquids of these militias but we know we can’t give up. We must sacrifice to bring to an end these devilish, bloody, tasteless, bitter, selfish, deadly & coward acts.

God bless Kenya, God bless East Africa, God bless Africa and our planet.


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (President & Founder)


Remembering Terrorist Attacks on Uganda Today; Kivumbi Speaks Out.


On this Day 11/July we commemorate our Nationals who were killed in the twin bomb explosions at Rugby grounds and Ethiopian Village on the last match of World Football cup. The 81 Souls who perished in these blasts remain on our heart and we pray have eternal peace.

We regret these attacks by the Alshaabab Islamic Insurgents and criticise these cowardice acts. We ask God to strengthen the families, friends and relatives of the deceased. For God and my Country. Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Africa’s future President.