My Incredible Trip in Asia Nov 12-16 2019

Tonight am bringing you incredible Images of my Trip to Asia right from Entebbe International Airport, Flights, Bore International Airport, Ghandi International Airport and back. Taken from deepest angels assisted by pals, I can not speak more than them since pictures speak 1000 thousands. This is it ladies and gentlemen; Uganda, Ethiopia & India as well as Airspace of Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Yemen,Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait,Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally New Delhi. I was invited by Government of India. I was joined latter by HTP officials Suzan Namukose Lubogo & Brenda Naigaga.

I also met my great friends Awarding Winning Journalist Culton Scovia Nakamya, Dr Ruth Grace K, Dr Muhereza, Carol Nanziri, Iranian Specialist Dr. Kima Rahmati, Ethiopia’s Heart Surgeon Dr. Shibikom and many more connected by Indian Government. I signed several Business Agreements and deals from Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP, Africa at Heart, Have It Cheap Group International, HICGI News Agency and others.

Polite Disclaimer

The Images taken are strictly for Business and Social purposes (Fun). No miss representation whatsoever must be adhered to and permission for use both online and print must be by me personally. These image are for free but strongly protected by KEB International Group- KIG and Internationals laws on privacy. For more info about this disclaimer send email to or call +256702137566 or visit
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Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

UN Day Celebrations 2019; Thanks Mum Rossa Malango for Hosting us at your residence.

Am humbled to be among the few invited guests at the residence of UN Boss Rossa Malango in Kampala moments ago as we mark UN Day Celebrations.

Ms Rossa had served us a special Dinner and we commend her.

The Prime Minister of the most powerful nation in Africa Rt. Hon Ndugu Ruhakana Rugunda has hailed United Nations Mandate in Africa.

HTP Team, Malcolm Isaac Bulamu, Kigongo Robert, Susan N Lubogo, Judith T O Okumu, Solomon Tibalemwa, Caroline Kembabazi, Ezra, Esther Nasuna Favor, Princess Scovia Kivumbi, Henry Lutwama, Don Vincent Bwana, Rita, Caleb & Candes have joined me.

God bless United Nations.

Kivumbi Speaks in UN-ICAO-AFI-Security & Aviation Safety Summit.

HICGI News Agency

United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organisation –ICAO on Friday 17th May 2019 concluded its 6th Africa and Indian Ocean (AFI) Aviation Week at Speke Resort Munyonyo-Kampala Uganda which began on 13th May. Uganda was selected by Montreal, Canada based UN Aviation Headquarters to host this remarkable Summit due to multiple factors HICGI News Agency has learnt among which include the Peace and Good Governance the country is enjoying.

ICAO Secretary General, Dr. Fang Liu

Hon. Monica Azuba Ntege

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin-HTP President

The opening ceremony
was graced on behalf of the Prime Minister by Uganda’s Ministry of Works and
Transport Minister, Hon. Monica Azuba Ntege, ICAO Secretary General, Dr. Fang
Liu a Chinese National and first woman to be elected to the important body,
Directors General of Civil Aviation Authorities, aviation safety and security
representatives, experts of AFI Region Member States, and other representatives
and experts from international and…

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Its 30 & 25 Years Now for I & Princess Kivumbi – Jehovah is Faithful!

Tonight we shall be cutting our Birth Day Cake with Delegates of United Nations under International Civil Aviation Organisation-ICAO who are converging at Speke Resort Munyonyo for 6th AFI Aviation Week Events which have started today 14th- 17 May 2019 for which am a delegate alongside Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP Officials.

The journey of 30 years is an amazing story and there some touching events in my life especially as I try to Reclaim the African Dream.

One I must share tonight is when Former Police Chief Andrew Solowen decided to throw me alongside 2 other PDP officials in CPS Dungeon for three days accusing me of leading and organising a Demonstration at Parliament in 2010.. When
defunct WBS TV showed my mom Esther Nasuna attending my trial at Buganda Road Court worried of my fate.

Take a look at my video of Nomination for MP Kampala Central 2011 when I was 21 years old.

“Israel Must Start Recieving Annual Tithe from Uganda!” Kivumbi

Makerere, Uganda

By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

On Monday 28th Jan 2019, I was accorded invitation to speak in the Global Word Summit which had began 8 days ago.

Dr Kamanda Robert, Senior Pastor Amen Commission Church, Makerere Kikoni, Uganda invited me to close the 8 days Summit that attracted local and international Guests.

After intensive worship of 1 hour led by my friend Ps Serubiri Henry and his worship team from Kyengela who accompanied me, I embarked my sermon titled “God Has Called This Nation-Uganda” . Opening in the Book of Prophet Isaiah 18: (KJV & NIV) I gave facts of a Nation “Uganda” dematatively beyond the Boarders of Kushi/ Ethiopia, divided by the Rivers, sending Ambassadors..

I stated the Role of Uganda’s Foreign Policy, UPDF Peace Missions in Somalia, South Sudan, DRC, CAR, Special Operations in Ivory Coast, Burundi, Kenya… and how God has used President Museveni to open our boarders to Refugees from more than 15 countries.

I also stressed the need for Uganda to offer a Tithe to Israel as stated in Verse 7 of the chapter for Uganda to Claim its Godly Global Position and mandate.

I led believers into repentance for past regimes that persecuted the Born Again Church and President Iddi Amin who waged an Economic War that exiled foreigners not forgetting MOSSAD Operation Raid on Entebbe Airport that saw Israel PM Benjamin Nettanyahu Bibi’s brother dying with other Israel Commandos, a blood shed Uganda must repent.


For you to understand my sermon you’ve gat to listen to the audio of 54 minutes till last second. Download and share.

Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (1)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (2)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (3)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (4)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (5)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (6)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (7)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (8)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (9)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (10)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (11)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (12)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (13)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (14)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (15)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (16)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (17)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (18)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (19)Kivumbi Speaking on Uganda giving Tithe to Israel (20)

Also corrected a seed of 49600/= UGX from delegates which I told them we ganna send to Israel Government to kick start our efforts for the scripture below.

My next move is to convince Uganda Parliament and 1st Lady or President of Uganda that we start doing it so Uganda can be blessed.


7 At that time gifts will be brought to the Lord Almighty

from a people tall and smooth-skinned,

from a people feared far and wide,

an aggressive nation of strange speech,

whose land is divided by rivers—

the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the Lord Almighty.

Multitudes Bid farewell to Texas in Utmost Respect.

HICGI News Agency

rip texas magala moses (4)

HICGI News Agency

Sat 26th Jan 2019

Kibalangulo, Mubende, Uganda

Yesterday Moses Magala aka Texas, 39 flamboyant philanthropist was buried at his ancestral home at Kibalangulo village in Mubende, Mityana.

Rhino Funeral Service brought his casket from Kiggo off Entebbe rd to the final destination where hundreds of his friends and family gathered to pay last respect.

Speaking to the mourners, Joan Magala, widow on behalf of the rest hailed her fallen husband for the great love and generosity even to strangers. Joan mother of 4, narrated one time when Texas had only 20, 000/= left on him while they were driving around Kampala and they were planning to use it for shopping but when Texas saw a young woman selling bananas he decided to give all of it to her and Joan quarreled why he didn’t at-least give out 5000/= and when they reached the supermarket she asked him…

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