Series 1: There Powerful & The World Knows Them-Unveiling Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga

Today in Partnership with HICGI News Agency I have started series called There Powerful & The World Knows Them in which we shall be profiling smart and hard working men and women and there contribution to societies around the world.

Our first coverage is Buganda  (Katikolo)Premier Charles Mayiga who has raised more than 4 Billion in the last two years to raise Buganda on Top. He is an orator and initially conducted a powerful show on CBS FM every Friday 7:00 pm in which he opened the eyes of Baganda and Ugandans towards becoming more meaningful in the society. He has traveled around Buganda and the world to bring together the people of Buganda. He is indeed powerful and  his presence can be filled even from a distance.

I (Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin) met him recently during the Etofali Project and I shook hands with him and he blessed me for my political ambitions.

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga greeting Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Who is Charles Peter Mayiga?

Born: 1962 (age 52–53)

Residence: Entebbe Rd

Nationality: Ugandan

Ethnicity: Muganda

Citizenship: Uganda

Education: Makerere University

(Bachelor of Laws)

Law Development Centre

(Diploma in Legal Practice)

Occupation: Lawyer

Years active: 1996 — present

Known for: Cultural Matters

Home town: Masaka

Title: Katikkiro of Buganda

Religion: Roman Catholic

Spouse(s): Margaret Mayiga

Charles Peter Mayiga is a Ugandan lawyer cultural leader and author. He is the current Katikkiro (Prime Minister) in the government of Buganda, a constitutional monarchy in present-day Uganda. He was appointed to that position by the reigning Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda, in May 2013, replacing Engineer John Baptist Walusimbi

Background and education

Charles Peter Mayiga was born in Kasanje VillageKabonera Parish, Masaka District, Central Uganda. His parents areSsaalongo Cyprian Mukasa and Nnaalongo Rebecca Kyese Mukasa. He attended Butale Primary School andNkoni Primary School. For his O-Level education, he attended St. Henry’s College Kitovu. Later, he studied at St. Mary’s College Kisubi for his A-Level. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB), from Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and largest public university. He also holds the Diploma in Legal Practice, obtained from the Law Development Center, in Kampala Uganda’s capital city.


Starting in 1987, Charles Peter Mayiga has been working closely with the elders of the Kingdom of Buganda, sharpening his knowledge and understanding of the customs and traditions of Buganda. While still at Makerere University in the 1980s, he was one of the students who started the youth organization called Nkoba za Mbogo, a cultural association whose primary objective is to educate the Baganda youth about their culture and to support the Kabaka’s projects for the development of Buganda.

On 4 July 1991, while preparing for the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga was appointed to become the Secretary of the Council of Elders, responsible for organizing the cultural restoration. This title changed to Secretary to the Lukiiko (Parliament of Buganda), following the restoration of the Monarchy. When the Kingdom was restored in 1993, Charles Mayiga was appointed Buganda’s Minister of Information & Official Spokesman for the Kingdom. He served in that capacity until he was appointed Katikkiro of Buganda in May 2013.

Other responsibilities

Charles Mayiga is a Law Partner in the company called Buwule Mayiga & Company Advocates, based in Kampala, Uganda’s . He has been married to Margaret Mayiga, an alumnus of Trinity College Nabbingo, since 1987.He is the author of a book titled King On The Throne, which chronicles the first 16 years (1993–2009) of the reign of His Majesty Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda.

Published works

  • Buganda ku Ntikko. Prime Time Communications. 2013.
  • King On The Throne: The story of the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda. Prime Time Communications. 2009.


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